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Calc Asmt: What is the key difference between custom formula rows and other rows?

Custom formula rows can reference data documented in other rows. The values in these rows are read only. They must reference other rows to generate a value


Calc Asmt: What are the custom formula types and who builds them?

1. Numeric - display a #
2. String - M code - ONLY BUILT BY EPIC



Record ID goes between them


() Parenthesis

One portion of equation is done before another


Steps for building a calculated assessment

1. Build placeholder row
2. Custom list row
3. Score row
4. Add rows to group
5. Build template


Row type for placeholder row in calculated asmt

flowsheet group


Row type for Custom List rows in calculated asmt



Value Type for Custom List rows in calculate asmt

Custom list (build in row record)
There should always be squigly brackets around row id.
Example: {ID}+{ID}+{ID}


Defaults for Custom Formula

Normally only calculate when values are defined (all rows have a value). If you provide default values it will calculate as soon as you document in ANY ONE of the data rows. {row ID;;default value}. Two semicolons separate the row record ID from the default value.


Build steps for charge row

value type=custom list
row type=charge row
row information=charge row. Display name should include $. Detail report should tell users when charges will be dropped


Custom list Form for charge rows

Yes should be the only value on the list


What is different about build for time based charges?

charge trigger type = on/off
map on and off actions on custom list


Charges based on responose

can map different charges based on response (PICC kit, single vs double). Quantity type=Qty by special type. Custom list values should be mapped to custom list charges.


Where are the chargeable procedures linked for charge rows

Group is linked to charge row which is linked to the chargeable procedure