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MEWS score column

displays the most recent score. Colored circles=acuity of the score. To see the # use hover to discover.


MEWS Delta column

Displays Change in patient score since last reviewed.


MEWS Time Since Last Reviewed column

Displays amount of time passed since last reviewed. Double click column to make score as reviewed.


Rule Record for scoring system

Outline criteria being evaluated and assign a number value to the specific data.


Scoring System Record

define which rule records should be included and calculate the total score.


Contex for patient scoring rule

ALWAYS Patient score rule


Constant vs Patient Properties

Constant do not change patient to patient
Patient properties are specific to an individual person.


Scoring System: Operator

Define RELATIONSHIP between the parameter and value (ex >= at least)


Scoring System: Value

specific piece of data (row) the system is trying to find. Each value is assigned a number that calculates the total score. If a value is blank the rule should be configured to return a null result.


Scoring System: result type/result

What the system SHOULD DO if the conditions in the property are met. Select the property/rule column to tell the system to look at the next property in the rule.


Scoring System: evaluation logic

OR will only assign 1 number result for that specific row. The system always assess the criteria in the order listed.


Scoring System:Report Name for the Rule Field

On the display info tab of the rule. The report name is where you indicate what you want the results of the rule to be labeled in a report.


Scoring System Record - rule field

Where you link the scoring system to ALL patient score rules that will be used to calculate the total score.


Where are PAF columns created

directly in the scoring system record.


Who can add PAF columns to patient lists

Builder - system list groupers and my list templates. Users can edit their personal my list.