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Reports in any activity are determined by what settings

user profile


Print groups are in what database

LPG master file. It queries Chronicles


Reports include what

a series of print groups which are then linked to the report


Plain Text Reports

Minimal formatting, example label


How many print group styles can a report have

Only one.


Rich text reports

Contains formatting and links. Use in chart review, summary, snapshot, in based and most activities in hyperspace.


Native HTML Reports

Most advanced formatting. Can be printed only if user access hyperspace and intentionally prints it. Examples: snapshot and accordian reports.


To create custom print groups

ALWAYS duplicate a record/print group


Code template in print groups. What is it and what does it do?

special type of extension record that presents builders with an easier way to edit parameters. Adds a parameter screen that acts as a hub for all parameter changes within the record.


Code to execute in print group

used in records WITHOUT code templates. Assigned to modify parameters. Parameter changes are done DIRECTLY IN THE CODE TO EXECUTE FIELD.


What will Shift F7 do if used in the code to execute field

Do not use. It will cause a different code to execute to appear by default. It will not allow the print group to appear in hyperspace.


What does filter setting screen in print groups do

Define how far back the print group looks for data, specify at which stage the resulting data will populate and list the components you will see in the print group.


What is the difference between smart link and print group

print groups display information in a report whereas smartlinks display information in a note.