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The Claw steps

Ctrl + Alt + Shift and then F12+F10


What does the claw do?

Allows you to ID key records withing navigators. The view will reveal the name of the template and sections making up the navigator. You WILL NOT see TOPIC names.


Naming Convention for Navigator

Section = SEC_
Topic= TOPIC_
Template= T_


Can you open topic record before template

No you must first open the template in template editor and then you can open/create topic or section. This is building from top down (opposite of all other build).


What part of the navigator should you NEVER build from scratch

Section record. Only duplicate and make changes to copy. If it contains no code, it will not present anything. If it is has wrong code, the system may stop responding.


Linking WE rule for LVN records. What type of LVN record?



What should you never change when editing a navigator?

Descriptor. Navigators are linked based on descriptor rather than ID. Name and description should ALWAYS be identical.


What does the pencil when building a navigator do?

Changes made to the navigator will affect ALL users.


What does wrench do when building a navigator?

Changes made are at the USER LEVEL.


What does filter extension field do in navigator

Filters patients to see specific navigator SECTIONS


If a section appears or disappears incorrectly what is wrong?

Look at filter extension field.


What do Navigator Configuration Records (VCN) do

Allows you to customize the look and feel of SECTIONS. Bridge between flowsheet and navigator sections.


VCN Configuration types

-print group report
-medication documentation - med/rec
-activity link- jump to sections which bring users to another activity.
-meds & orders. Most flexible type of VCN


Where are the VCN and flowsheet linked

Text - when you create the VCN, apply to section type=flowsheet and then add flowsheet template ID


Building Navigator Section

Always duplicate in text. This ensures Prog ID is accurate. Do not touch Prog ID.


What is Prog ID

programming that allows flowsheet to appear in navigator. NEVER TOUCH.


Where do you link navigator and VCN

HYPERSPACE - Navigator Template. In the Default Configuration Field (VCN) add the flowsheet record.


Configuration Records for Navigators Assignment/editing

Assigned in hyperspace
Edited in clin admin/text


Print Group Settings for a Report in a Navigator

Report Context: {PAT_ID}^{PAT_DAT}. Type exactly, no spaces. This tells report to use info from current patient using all data up to current encounter.