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Blood Pressure
What does the term "blood pressure" actually mean?

refers to the force exerted by circulating blood on the walls of the blood vessel
-(can be thought of as vascular pressure)


Blood Pressure
Is Blood Pressure a static number?

No, BP undergoes natural variations from one HB to the next and throughout the day


Blood Pressure
What are the 3 main mechanisms of regulating BP?

1) Baroreceptor Reflex
2) Renin-Angiotensin
3) Aldosterone


Blood Pressure
What are the main determinants of MAP?

CO and TPR


Blood Pressure
What are the 2 most important Baroreceptors?

Carotid Sinus and Aortic Arch


Hypertension / Hypotension
What causes Hypertension

Increase in CO, TPR or Both


Hypertension / Hypotension
Most cases of hypertension are secondary to other diseases.

False. only 5-8% are secondary, the majority are primary
(no known causes)


Hypertension / Hypotension
What's the 1sr morphological change that occurs in the myocardium with hypertension?

Hypertrophy of the Left Ventricle


Hypertension / Hypotension
Why do you sometimes get light-headed when standing after a long airplane trip.

Venous Pooling leading to decreased BP when standing
- Orthostatic Hypotension


Heart Failure
What are the 2 most common reasons for heart failure?

1) damaged to the heart muscle
2) prolonged pumping against a chronically increased afterload


Heart Failure
What happens to the Frank-Sterling law in a Left Ventricle in Heart Failure

The curve shifted downward and to the right


Heart Failure
How does the sympathetic nervous system help compensate to help restore SV in Heart Failure?

Sympathetic activity to the heart is increased which increases inotropy


Heart Failure
Is sympathetic compensation a long-term fix for decreased SV?

no, the heart becomes less responsive to norepinephrine and the norepinephrine in the nerve terminals become depleted


Heart Failure
What does the term "Decompensated Heart Failure" mean?

When the contractility of the heart deteriorates to the point where it is no longer able to pump out a normal stroke volume despite compensatory measures


Cardiovascular Testing
What 2 events directly affect mucous membrane color in a person with decreased cardiac function?

Blood shows in the capillaries which causes:
1) longer contact between tissues and hemoglobin carrying RBCs
2) Development of metabolic acidosis


Cardiovascular Testing
What can a palpated pulse tell us about Cardiac Function?

It can tell us rate, rhythm, strength of ventricular systole


Cardiovascular Testing
In an adult, when would we usually hear S3 or S4?

If the persons has a stiffened left ventricle
(heart failure is a usual cause)


Cardiovascular Testing
When palpitating a person's pulse, the BEST place to do this is the carotid artery.

False, due to the fact the vagus nerve (which stimulates parasympathetic activity) runs right next to it