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what is a casing hardware?

Casing hardware consists of all the devices attached to the casing


Mention the different types of casing hardware

• Shoes
• Collars
• Baskets
• Centralizers
• Scratchers
• Plugs.


Why are the shoes attached to the bottom end of the casing?

to make easier to run the casing into its final planned depth.


What are the three types of shoes?

Guide shoes.
Float Shoes
Stab-in shoes.


What are the 2 types of material that the guide shoes are made?

The aluminum guide shoe is most often used with liners, or where ease of drilling out is a prime concern.

Cement-filled guide shoes have the advantage of being more resistant to impact.


What is the difference between float shoes and guide shoes?

Float shoes have all of the advantages of a guide shoe, but also provide the additional advantage of a check valve to prevent flow back.


what are the three types of float shoes?

• Flapper type
• Ball type
• Dart type.


What is the stab-in method of cementing?

the cement and other fluids are injected through the drillpipe, rather than through the casing.


What is the principal advantage of the stab-in method of cementing?

Since the inside diameter (ID) of the drillpipe is so much smaller than the inside diameter of the casing, the amount and cost of materials is reduced considerably.


is the pumping time reduced in a stab-in cementing method?

true displacement volumes are greatly reduced, so the pumping time is greatly reduced.


Is the contamination of the cement reduced in the stab in cementing method?

true, since the cement is less exposed to mud in the casing, contamination of the cement is greatly reduced


what is the reason for performing a multi-stage cementing?

To reduce the possibility of breaking down a weak formation


what are the four types of collars?

• Float collars
• Stab-in collars
• Stage collars.
• Landing collar (without a valve)


what is the function of a scratcher?

To aid in the removal of drilling fluid filter cake.


what is the minimum standoff recommended by slb?



What are functions of plugs?

To separate various fluids
To aid in the removal of drilling fluid filter cake
To wipe the walls of the casing to aid in mud removal.


what is the function of cementing basket?

To force cement up the annulus and not allow it to fall down into the well bore


what is the function of a centralizer?

to improve the standoff between the pipe and previous casing, or the open hole.


which plug has a rubber diaphragm that is soft to the touch?

The bottom plug


where are placed the baskets?

just below the stage collar, or above any point where a weak formation is a concern


What are the types of centralizers?

Bow type (Flexible)
Rigid type (rigid)


What is used in conjunction with centralizers or other casing hardware to limit the amount of allowable vertical travel along the pipe. ?

stop collars