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What command in either 'line con' mode or 'line vty' causes the router to ask for a password?



What mode must you be in to run the command "show mac address-table dynamic"

user mode


What is the default setting for the 'transport input' command

transport input none


What does 'logging synchronous' do?

Pauses a syslog message until the output of a show command has been completed.


When configuring ROAS what are the two ways to define the native VLAN?

Use the physical interface with no ENCAP command OR use a subinterface with 'encap dot1q 10 native'


How do you configure the physical interface to use the native VLAN

Add IP address for native VLAN, NO ENCAP and NO VLAN parameter.


How do you configure a subinterface to use the native VLAN?

int fa0/0.1 encap dot1q 10 native ip address


On an older switch what command might you have to enter to enable L3 routing?

"sdm prefer lan-base routing" followed by a reboot


What is split horizon?

It is never useful to advertise a route out the same interface through which you learned the route.


What is route poisoning?

When a router notices that an interface has gone down it removes the route from its routing table AND advertises that same route to other routers with the metric of 16 (unreachable).


Why is RIPv2 better than RIPv1?

1) can send VLSM mask in routing update;2) manual route summarization, 3) sends updates in multicast, not broadcast, 4) supports authentication.


What show command reveals the best RIP routes?

show ip rip database