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What manning standard is used on a “T-Boat” in standby service?

Ref: 33 CFR 143.407

Standby vessels must be crewed in accordance with their certificate of inspection for 24-hour operation. The Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, may require the crew to be augmented, as necessary, to provide for maneuvering the standby vessel, for lookouts, for rigging and operating retrieval equipment, and for caring for survivors.


What are the specific publications and forms required for a “T-Boat”, 24ft long, on an LBS route?

Ref: 46 CFR 184.420

As appropriate for the intended voyage, a vessel must carry adequate and up-to-date:
(1) Charts of large enough scale to make safe navigation possible; (2) U.S. Coast Pilot or similar publication; (3) Coast Guard Light List; (4) Tide tables; and (5) Current tables, or a river current publication.


How many passengers can a “T-Boat” carry on an international route without being subject to SOLAS?

Ref: 46 CFR 175.120

Twelve (12)


How long is a COI good for? A TEMP COI?

Ref: 46 CFR 176.107 and MSM, vol II, sec A, ch 3

A Certificate of Inspection is valid for 1 year for vessels carrying more than 12 passengers on international voyages and 5 years for all other vessels. SEC Columbia River issues temp COI for a term of one year. This authority comes from 46 U.S.C. 3309


What is a permit to carry an excursion party? Where does the OCMI get the authority to issue an excursion permit?

Ref: 46 CFR 176.204 and MSM, vol II, sec A, ch 3, form CG-949

The cognizant OCMI may permit a vessel to engage in a temporary excursion operation with a greater number of persons or on a more extended route, or both, than permitted by its Certificate of Inspection when, in the opinion of the OCMI, the operation can be undertaken safely.


What are the drydock intervals for a “T-Boat” in fresh water; Salt water service? International Voyage?

Ref: 46 CFR 176.600

Fresh water: Once every 5 yrs, Salt water: once every 2 yrs and Intr’l: once a year.


Where can you find sample-manning scales for a vessel certificated under subchapter T?

Ref: MSM Vol III

Marine Safety Manual,Vol. III, Ch 21, C