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Where may a vessel operate without using a MSD?

Ref: 46 CFR 177.30-5(a) old “T” and 33 CFR 159.7
Voyages taking 30 minutes or less. Or for new T, beyond 20 miles or where the EPA allows discharge of untreated or treated waste.


During an inspection you note that the MSD is inoperative, but the vessel runs only 30 miles offshore, and the O/OP wants to depart immediately following the inspection. What actions do you take?

Ref: 46 CFR 177.30-5(a) old “T”, 46 CFR 176.818
If the vessel falls under old “T” and can make the to and from 30 mile run in less than 30 minutes than no MSD is required. New “T” makes no mention but since the MSD is provide then master must make sure its secured from improper operation. Fixed or removed after voyage.


Is a waste management plan required for a “T-S”?

Ref: 33 CFR 151.57
Only if the vessel is greater that 40ft and is ocean going.


What type of construction of a TYPE III MSD is not required to be witnessed by a CG inspector before certification?

Ref: 33 CFR 159.53( c )
Be designed to prevent the overboard discharge of treated or untreated sewage or any waste derived from sewage.