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What are the sound requirements for “T-boats”?

Ref: 33 CFR 83.33

A vessel of 12 meters or more in length shall be provided with a whistle and a bell and a vessel of 100 meters or more in length shall, in addition, be provided with a gong, vessels less than 12 meter can do with air powered sound device only.


Where are the size requirements for a bell or gong found

Ref: 33 CFR 86.23

The diameter of the mouth of the bell shall be not less than 300 mm for vessels of more than 20 meters in length, and shall be not less than 200 mm for vessels of 12 to 20 meters in length.


What day-shapes are required for a “T-Boat”?

Ref: Inland navigation rules

Two balls and two cones


How many radios may be on each circuit if each radio has an inline fuse?

Ref: 46 CFR 183.392



Where must the sidelights be located in relation to the masthead light?

Ref: 33 CFR 84.05(b)

On a power-driven vessel of 20 meters or more in length the sidelights shall not be placed in front of the forward masthead lights. They shall be placed at or near the side of the vessel


What does 47 CFR apply to?

Ref: 47 CFR 80

FCC regulation governing radio operations, installation, and Cert/documentations.


When may radios not be fused at the main distribution panel?

Ref: 46 CFR 183.392

When fused in line with their power cable.


Where would you find the nominal visibility range for the sidelights of a 40ft passenger vessel?

Ref: 33 CFR 84 & Inland navigation rule 21 & 22


During an inspection you discover a navigation light that is single filament. What do you do?

Ref: 33 CFR 84

Ensure the navigation light is operating at the approved vertical intensity.


What is AMVER and when are “T-Boats” required to participate?


Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System, No vessel is required to participate.


What color must the shield around navigation lights be painted?

Ref: 33 CFR 84.09 & Inland navigation rules

Matte black


Define the radio requirements for each of the major routes utilized in the Columbia River AOR.

Ref: CG 840 T boat inspection book, 47 CFR 80

Rivers: 1000ft of shore 1 VHF, LBS/Coastwise(less than 20nm): 1 VHF(VTS zone add 1 VHF), Oceans (20nm to 100nm): 1VHF and 1MF, 100nm to 200nm: 1VHF, 1MF, 1SSB, NAVTEX, +200nm: 1VHF, 1MF, 1SSB, NAVTEX, and GMDSS.


If a vessel does not have pilothouse control what must be provided? (??)

Ref: 46 CFR 184.602(b)
Fixed two-way communication from the control station to the auxiliary steering location.