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What are the three (3) ways to calculate passenger capacity?

Ref: 46 CFR 176.113
Length of Rail criterion (1 Pax / 30in of rail), Deck area criterion (1 Pax / 10 sq feet),
Fixed seats criterion (1 Pax / 18 inches of seat)


Where bunks are installed on “T-Boats”, what are the minimum length and width, and how high may they be stacked?

Ref: 46 CFR 177.810(a)
74in long by 24 in wide with 24 in of clear space above.


Give the criteria for installing fixed seating?

Ref: 46 CFR 177.820
Fixed to bulkhead or deck, built to minimize injury. Arranged aisle of not more that 15ft with not less than 24inches in width or if more than a 15 ft aisle then 30 inches or more in width. If seats are arranged in rows then a minimum of 30 inches of space required between seat front to seat front.


During an inspection you note several tinted windows in a vessels pilothouse. What do you do? (GH)

Ref: 46 CFR 177.1030
Have vessel owner or operator demonstrate to you the windows in the pilot house meet 70% light transition according to test 2 of ANSI Z 26.1. If not them issue def to have proper windows installed.


Is a chain locker a confined space?

Ref: MSM Vol I, Ch 14
Yes, this space has limited access and usually contains rusting chain links with absorb oxygen.


Define a confined space.

Ref: MSM Vol I,
Generally speaking, a confined space is an enclosed or partially enclosed space that:
is not primarily designed or intended for human occupancy, has a restricted entrance or exit by way of location, size or means. Can represent a risk for the for the health and safety of anyone who enters, due to one or more of the following factors:
its design, construction, location or atmosphere
the materials or substances in it
work activities being carried out in it, or the
mechanical, process and safety hazards present


What is necessary before entry into a chain locker?

Ref: NFPA 306 and 29 CFR 1915
Marine Chemist Certificate