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Executive power

The power to execute, enforce , and administer laws


Judicial power

The power to interpret laws, to determine their meaning, and to settle disputes that arise within the society


What makes a state?

Population, sovereignty, territory, government



The state has absolute power within it's territory. It can decide its own foreign and domestic policies


What are the origins of state?

Force theory, evolutionary theory, social contract theory, divine right theory


Force theory

An individual or group claimed control over a territory and forced the population to submi. In this way, that state became sovereign, and those in control formed a government


Evolutionary Theory

A population formed out of primitive families. The heads of these families became government. When these families settled I one territory and claimed it as their own, they became a sovereign state


State of nature

Everyone had a right to everything. In order to get what they wanted, they had to fight over it


Natural rights

The right to life, liberty, and property


Divine right theory

Go created the state, making it sovereign. The government is made up of those chosen by God to rule a certain territory. The people (population) must obey the ruler.


Social contract

A population in a given place( territory) gave up as much power to a government and needed to promote the well- being of all. In doing so, they created a sovereign state.



The power to make laws and to frame Public policies