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What are books about the nursing process?

NANDA - North American Nursing Diagnosis Association

NIC - Nursing Interventions Classification

NOC - Nursing Outcomes Classification


What are the 6 Standards?

1. Assessment
--establish nursing contract
--obtain info from family and patient
--validate data w/ patient
--organize data
2. Diagnosis
3. Outcome Identification
4. Planning
5. Implementation
6. Evaluation


Standard 1: Assessment: Establish Nursing Contract

Who are you, what can be expected from you, what you’d like from patient, goal of interaction…

“Need to collect info from you so I understand better what you’re going through so I can plan the nursing care” - nurse to patient


Standard 1: Assessment: Obtain info from patient and family

Physically assess patient

Frequently get info from patient and family


Standard 1: Assessment: Validate data w/ patient

Find out if what you believe they’re telling you is what they are

Basically repeat info back to them to make sure what they’re telling you is correct


Standard 1: Assessment: Organize data

Look at biological and social issues

Physical functioning

Medications they’re taking

Cultural impacts


Standard 2: Diagnosis

Analyze data and validate w/ client

Identify nursing diagnosis and validate w/ client


Standard 3: Outcome Identification

Specifying expected outcomes and validating them w/ client


Standard 4: Planning

Prioritize goals

Generate alternatives

Identify nursing activities

Validate plan w/ patient


Standard 5: Implementation

Implement nursing activities w/ assistance from client

Coordinate w/ other team members

Continue to collect data about the implementation and its success


Standard 6: Evaluation

Evaluating the outcomes of nursing care in consultation w/ the client

Modify nursing process as needed

Participate in quality improvement activities