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Thoracic Cage

Includes thoracic vertebrae, ribs, sternum, and costal cartilages

Protects heart, lungs, other organs

Supports pectoral girdle and provides attachment points

Intercostal spaces hold muscles that aid in breathing



3 bones:
--Manubrium (jugular notch [superior], sternal angle [inferior])
--Xiphoid process

Articulates w/:
--ribs and costal cartilages


Rib Cage

Fxn: protect internal organs, aid in respiration

12 pairs of ribs

All ribs attach posteriorly to thoracic vertebrae

1st 7 attach to sternum by costal cartilages (true ribs)
8-12 are false ribs - do not have direct attachment to sternum
11-12 are "floating ribs" - don't attach anteriorly at all


Rib Structure

Shaft (body): main part of rib
Rib articulates w/ vertebra at head and tubercle
"Neck" is thinner region between head and tubercle
Head has 2 "demifacets" - one demifacet articulates w/ body of "its" vertebra; one articulates w/ facet on traverse process of vertebra
Head articulates w/ vertebral body
Tubercle articulates w/ transverse process