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How many bones are in the Upper limb? What the the 3 divisions?

30 bones

Divides into:
--arm (upper arm/brachium): humerus
--forearm (antebrachium): radius and ulna
--hand (includes wrist): 27 bones (carpals, metacarpals, phalanges)



Largest and longest bone of upper limb
Head articulates w/ scapula at glenoid cavity
Distal end articles w/ radius and ulna (elbow)
Greater and lesser tubercles are sites of attachment; deltoid tuberosity is attachment for deltoid muscle


Where does the humerus most frequently fracture?

at the surgical neck


Fractures of the Humerus

Commonly occur in 2 places:
--surgical neck
--midshaft spiral fractures

Nerves pass along bone and can be damaged by these 2 fractures. MAY lead to permanent upper limb dysfunction


Distal Humerus and Elbow (anterior view)

Ulna and Radius articulate w/ humerus
Ulna is main forearm bone contributing to elbow
Trochlea of humerus articulates w/ trochlear notch of ulna. Trochlear notch fits over trochlea to create a hinge
Coronoid fossa receives coronoid process when forearm bends


Distal Humerus and Elbow (posterior view)

Olecranon fossa of humerus receives olecranon process of ulna when forearm extends
Lateral and medial epicondyles on humerus are attachment site for forearm muscles


Distal Humerus/Articulations

Capitulum of distal humerus articulates w/ head of radius
Radial head ALSO articulates w/ radial notch of ulna (proximal radioulnar joint) to form a pivot joint
Elbow can bend or forearm can twist