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Pectoral Girdle

--L and R scapulae
--L and R clavicles

Note: scapulae do NOT join to axial skeleton at all, and their articulation w/ clavicle is very loose. They're attached to axial skeleton by way of associated muscles and ligaments. Provides a highly flexible system (lots of movement allowed), but not very stable


Pectoral Girdle: Clavicle


Spans superior thorax horizontally. 'S' shaped

Medially the sternal end attaches to manubrium of sternum. Laterally the acromial end articulates w/ acromial process of scapula.

Fxn: provides muscle attachment, acts as brace for scapula and arms, transmit compression forces from arms to axial skeleton

S-shape of clavicle makes it prone to fracturing near the curves. The ligaments are quite strong, so bone often breaks instead of dislocating


Pectoral Girdle: Scapula

Located on posterior surface of rib cage

Scapular spine is located on posterior side of scapula

Glenoid cavity (glenoid fossa) articulates w/ humerus (forms shoulder joint)

Coracoid process is attachment point of biceps muscle

Acromion articulates w/ acromial end of clavicle

Infraspinous, supraspinous, and subscapularis fossae hold muscles


What 4 groups does the appendicular skeleton include?

Pectoral Girdle
Upper Limb
Pelvic Girdle
Lower Limb