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What are two common fire extinguishers for electrical fires?

1. Class C fire extinguisher

2. Class BC  Fire extinguisher

3. ABC Halotron

1&2 use CO2 which can damage equipment

3 use Halon replacement which should not damage equipment.


Three ways to avoid ESD

1. antistatic strap

2. Touch the computer chassis

3. Use antistatic bags.


If a power supply fails, what should you do?

Replace it


What are three ways to avoid ESD?

1. Use antistatic wriststrap

2. Touch the chassis of the computer.

3. Use an antistatic mat.


You walk into the server room and see a person lying on the floor with a live electrical wire draped over. What should you do first?

Grab a piece of wood and use it to move the wire off the person.


What document can aid you if a chemical spill occurs?



A co-worker complains that after the cleaning crew has come through, the keyobard irritates his hands and leaves some green residue. What should you do?

Contact the facilities department.


You find illegal materials on a customer's computer. Your boss commands you to preserve computer evidence until he gets to the scene. What is your boss asking you to begin?

Chain of Custody.


Ten categories of A+ Professionalism and Communication

1. Punctuality

2. Listen to the customer.

3. Clarify the problem.

4. Be positive.

5. Speak clearly.

6. Set and meet expectations.

7. Avoid distractions.

8. Do not look at or touch confidential information.

9. Do the right thing.

10. Deal with customers professionally.


How will speaking with a lot of jargon make a technician sound?



A customer experiences a server crash. When you arrive, the manager is upset about this problem. What do you need to remember in this scenario?

Stay calm and do the job as efficiently as possible.


What are two good ideas when dealing with customers?

1. Speak Clearly

2. Avoid distractions


You are a field technician working on at a customer's site. One of the workers asks you to load a copy of an organization's purchased software on a personal laptop. What should you do first?

Verify the installation is allowed under the company's licensing agreement.