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Traffic Jams

Too many vehicles can add a whole work day of waiting for a commuter in a busy city.



With too many vehicles, people can spend around 20 minutes trying to find a parking space.


Greenhouse Gases

Cars or other vehicles that rely on fossil fuels or coal to run release many greenhouse gases (like CO2). The possible outcomes/consequences include:
-Global Warming
-Health conditions
-Bad Black Pavement


Fossil Fuels

-Scientists think that the 800 billion barrels of oil that remain underground will only last 15 more years if continued to be used at the rate we are. Fossil fuels are one of the ways that cars/other vehicles run. They are made from natural composition over billions of years.
-Prices rising
-600 million passenger cars burn more that 1 billion cubic meters of fuel every year


Electric Cars

-The energy needed to charge an electrical vehicle is more environmentally damaging than the use of internal combustion engines
-Still environmentally damaging


Autonomous Vehicles

The "drivers" of these self drive cars may malfunction occasionally, putting the passenger at risk. Also, if the car does not recognize certain items (like children passing in front of it) it may not fully stop/get confused. If not all cars are not automated, it may cause problems because automated cars are run on the predictability of other cars in front of it.


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Climate Change

If the climate changes too much, some forms of transportation may be needed more or may cause others to become obsolete (it may make the land incompatible with it ;-) If you know what I mean)


Results of vehicle accidents

-Traffic jams
-Financial Damage ;-)


Because 220 billion people in the US drive cars, the huge amounts of CO2 emitted from cars may accelerate global warming (add consequence)

As a result, there may be an increase of negative climate conditions including flooding.


Self driving cars use camera to detect their environment and potential dangers. If an unrecognized object came in front of it suddenly, the camera may not stop in time because it doesn't recognize it (add consequence)

As a result, objects such as small children, may be at risk for being hit by autonomous vehicles.


More people for public transportation

The public transportation may become more crowded and disease may become more easily spread.


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Because not all land is compatible with some sorts of land trandsportation, it may be challenging for the government to make the roads go under dramatic change (add consequence)

As a result, the infrastructure may go unchanged due to the overwhelming investment in time and money for the government.



-Slows down
-Creates barriers
-To get past friction problem, need a lot of energy/fuel


Because 70% of most people drive alone, there may be too many cars on the road (add consequence)

As a result, there may be more traffic over the years.



Construction takes up a long time
Lanes may be closed, causing congestion
Fixing roads is petroleum based, so too much money


Trash on roads

Trash on the roads could harm vehicles and possibly be a danger to the public health.
It could block up roads and cause a bumpy ride


Rebuilding Roads for fitting transportation

If a country or a large space wants to change their form of transportation, it would be very hard to change the roads and connecting the roads. It would cost a lot to completely change it.


If more alternative energy becomes available, prices of oil may be dropped to gain more business (add consequence)...

As a result, people may continue to choose oil over other more expensive energy methods


Hydraulic Fracturing (Frac Mining)

-The forcing open of fissures in subterranean rocks by introducing liquid at high pressure, esp. to extract oil or gas.
-As more oil is needed because of population growth, frac mining may become more popular.
-This offers new job opportunities which could result in harmful health problems.
-Particulate matter released into the air from mines and processing sites can contain high amounts of crystalline silicon. This can cause silicosis tuberculosis, heart disease, lung cancer
-Nearly 1 in 5 Wisconsin frac sand operations violated environmental permits in 2012.


Animal environment invasion

With the expansion of land transportation, more animal habitats may be demolished to make way. As a result, we're all going to die :-(
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