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land transportion

the movement of people,animals, and goods from one location to another.


land transportation is relied on for

trading of goods, traveling from place to place, staying connected to others, trade between people, promoting interstate commers, and globelization.



the devices used to carry people and objects to one place to another.



includes the highway, rails, refueling stations, and other structures necessary to support a vehicle's movement.



the day-to-day management and long-term planning necessary for transportation. These can include the work of employees who run or manage public transportation each day and those responsible for timing and planning stoplights at intersections.


"Cycle Superhighway" in Denmark

made up of 11 miles of smoothly paved paths for bikers, complete with air pumps at each mile marker.


people who live in rural communities with smaller populations often do not have access to

commuter rail services and other forms of public transportation.


More than 3/4 of the worlds vehicles rely on non-renewable fossil fuels or naturally occurring fuels formed by the decomposition of orgnamisms.

Scientists think that the 800 billion barrels of oil that remain underground will only last fifteen more years if fossil fuels continue to be used at the current rate.


By 2040, experts predict 70% of the cars on the road may be driverless, possibly

reducing car crashes by as much as 14%.



the world's largest car-sharing service. Helps provide automobile reservations to its members with a fleet of service vehicles. New websites and mobile apps are available to connect individuals who would like to share rides.