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Train close to the speed of light

A track that wraps around around the world and goes suuuuuuper fast
becomes time machine
One way ticket
Circling the earth many times
sees camels
challenge: friction
7 times a seconds, circles it
it can never reach the speed of light (not quite) but close
Times stops flowing slowly, in the train. Everything is in slow motion.
Protects the speed limit so it will never break the speed of light
when passed 100 years, inside train, only passed 1 week
Building a train like that would be impossible


According to the National Science Foundation: City Car

-Tires can go in any direction
-Can get out of tight areas
-Can park/move in tight spaces (saving space)
-Can animate car so you can customize the car
-Can stack cars to save space
-In different areas to rent
-Gives you a card that you just have to save and it saves your preferences


Battery Switch Station (Drive, Switch, Go)

-Separate a car from battery
-Can have a new edition of battery
-Give's the driver best experience
-Card to customize the switch station
-Like a fill station for an electric car
-Solves the limit of the miles for the electric car



-No steering wheel, just a joystick
-2 doors, 2 wheels
-No emissions
-Very cheap
-Compressed air system
-The compressed air gets pumped into "Pistons" in car engine. It goes into the crankshaft of the wheel and propels the car
-Use wind turbine to propel=no emissions
-Uses for intercity because it doesn't need much
-Cost 7,000 euros


Circle glass car

Pod car with gravitational pull, glass doors to interact with other drivers


Motorcycle (C1)

-Created by LitMotors
-Speed of motorcycle, comfort of car
-Self-balancing, electric
-0-60 in 6 seconds
-Cannot be tipped
-Uses gyroscopes (only one required, the other as a backup)
-1,700 Newton's meters' torque
-Almost impossible to tip
-Need a motorcycle permit, yet does not even need to learn how to use
-Needs faith from users
-40 inches wide so can lane split
-Good for big populations
-Can have only room for 2 people


F400 LifeRocket

-Suspension turns the corners (like skier on slalom)
-Doors open up
-When vehicle hits corner, one wheel bends to the corner, the other stays the same
-Can take really sharp corners


Individual Compartment Trains

-Is a bunch of small, narrow compartments (enough for a family) connected together by a front driver
-Like how a roller coaster works
-Basically a individual shared bus
-When people want to go somewhere, they call for a compartment, then the compartment comes, it goes searching for a lead engine going in the same place or near
-When you drop off, the cars behind you automatically locks onto the one in front of you
-Electromagnetic tracks so it levitates


Zero Emission Zones

Zones that do not allow emissions


Maglevs that use magnetism

-The magnets in the tracks will make trains go faster, requiring no fuel
-Safe because there is no way it can crash


Smart Mass Transit Rail System (SMT)

-Nano magnetic drive allows it to self-powered by solar technology
-Thin film solar system on top of the rail, generate solar energy
-Two way traffic, double tracks
-Cart size varies
-Switcher Arm switches cars from different tracks at up to 200 mph
-Switcher Arms can switch in a fraction of a second
-Carts suspended through electromagnatrons
-Magnets generate field, holds supporting arms without making direct physical, eliminating track friction
-Toll collect used smartphones, card readers, and credit cards
-Carts can be requested by passengers through smartphones
-Energy efficient
-Eliminates Noise pollution
-Tower base, elevated structure, can go through any terrain
-Cannot be shaken by earthquakes



-Uses small light weight, driver-less vehicles to carry individuals or small groups of people
-Infrastructure: track is suitable for ground and tunnel transportation
-Locked onto the guideway so it's safer


Advanced Vehicle Transport (AVT)

-AVT never stops moving
-Shuttle loads your car onto it and helps you move so you never have to stop
-Transports 10,000 cars per hour
-Using maglev technology
-Parallel to the highways
-Battery power in the night, solar power in the day
-Generates clean power


Stacked cars

-Cars would be stacked up to save space
-Emissions from the top cars would fuel the bottom car that is driving
-Or tall buses
-Cars all going in the same place


Algae Biodiesel

-Algae grows naturally all over the world
-Grows in large amounts
-Half of the algae composition is lipid oil
-Easy to grow
-Various algae contains different amounts of oil
-Pond scum is the best for this
-Algae consumes CO2
-Through photosynthesis, converts CO2 into O
-Biodiesel makers claim can make 100,00 gallons of algae per year
-Algae can be produced anywhere
-Algae also creates fertilizers and feedstock as well as reduces pollution


Grow Batteries from Nature (from Angela Belcher at MIT)

-genetically engineered viruses to:
-coat themselves with iron phosphate, then grab hold of carbon nanotubes to create network of conductive material.
-iron phosphates could be electrically wired to conducting carbon nanotube networks because viruses bind to certain materials
-electrons travel through carbon nanotube networks, going through electrodes to the iron phosphate and transferring energy.
-viruses infect bacteria but are harmless to humans.


Solar Roadway

-Road made of really strong solar panels
-Electronic signals detect something that isn't supposed to be on there and sends a signal
-Top layer is transluscent
-It melts snow so it can still take sun
-(additon) It should let cars absorb the energy while driving