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Bonds are viewed as retired from a consolidated viewpoint, when...

There is no longer an obligation to an outside party


Bonds are viewed as retired from a consolidated viewpoint, how are they treated when a sub buys them from the parent on the consolidated statements?

Noncontrolling interest not affected, consolidated retained earnings
Is affected


For a sole proprietor's cash basis financial statements, when the proprietorship has been bought for $350,000, it's assets have a carrying amount of $375,000 and a fair value of $360,000. Which amount is included in calculating the owner's capital balance?

Amount paid to acquire business, $350,000


An expense recorded in a tax return, that is not recorded in the income statement results in...

2) income instead of expense would have resulted in...

A deferred tax liability

2) deferred tax asset


How do you calculate average collection period of accounts receivable?

Accounts receivable turnover = net credit sales/avg. receivables

Average collection period = 360 days/accounts receivable turnover


When resources are under control of the governing board and not specifically restricted by the donor, the income is recorded as...

Increase in unrestricted revenues, gains and other support


What is the entry in government accounting to record the adopted budget, when there is a transfer to debt service and a budgetary fund balance?

Estimated revenue. Xxx
Appropriations control. Xxx
Estimated transfer to debt service Xxx
Budgetary fund balance. Xxx


If an acquirer owns 95% of a sub. After a year, how much of the sub's net income should be reported accruing to the parent?



What is the journal entry under the cost method, when treasury stock is reissued at a gain?

Cash. Xxx
Treasury stock. Xxx
PiC- Treasury stock transactions Xxx


Non current deferred tax assets and liabilities can be...

Netted together, only current and non current can't be netted


GASB establishes accounting and reporting standards for...

Nonprofit organizations that are government organizations


Freight out costs paid by a parent on an intercompany sale to a sub, should be...

Eliminated from selling expenses on the consolidated income statement


The rights and obligations under an insurance contract that is not a financial instrument (because it requires or permits the insurer to provide goods or services rather than a cash settlement) but whose terms permit the insurer to settle by paying a third party to provide those goods or services is...

An eligible item for the fair value option


Under GASB, interest that clearly derives from borrowing that is essential to support a program should be reported as...

A direct expense of that program


Under GASB, interest that does not qualify as a direct expense should be reported as...

A separate line (should not be combined with direct expenses)


Under GASB, interest on Longterm debt is usually...

2) How should it be reported?

An indirect expense

2) should be reported as a separate line and not allocated


Operating segments defined as components of a business enterprise must have what 3 characteristics?

1 earn revenues and incur expenses in transactions with other
2 operating results regularly reviewed by chief operating decision
3 discrete financial info is available


Separate legal standing as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or corporate joint venture, is...

Not a necessary characteristic of an operating segment


If a company has adopted Classification of Investment Securities, it should report the marketable equity securities that it has classified as trading at fair value with...

Holding gains and losses included in earnings


Compared to the cost method of accounting for treasury stock, the par value method reports for retained earnings?, paid in capital?

Neither paid in capital nor retained earnings


Group depreciation applies...

An average (straight line depreciation) rate to an entire group
Of similar assets


Composite depreciation applies...

An average (straight line depreciation) rate to an entire group of
Dissimilar assets