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What is the appropriate accounting treatment for interest on construction financing incurred after completion of construction? Why?

Expense, the capitalization period shall end when the asset is
Substantially complete and ready for intended use


With an interest bearing note of 10% annual interest, with the note due in 3 years, should the interest due at the end of the first years income statement be discounted by the present value of $1 at 10% for 3 periods?



If a non interest bearing nite due in 3 years is issued, in connection with a contract to purchase merchandise, what needs to be established?

2) why?

Establish a Discount on notes receivable for imputed interest

2) valuation account for effective interest method


If a $1.5 million oil tanker with a useful life of 10 years, is being dismantled after 10 years and costs to dismantle in the 10th year are $7,000 higher than expected, what is the retirement expense recognized in the last year?

$15,000 amortization + $7,000 increased actual cost


Which of the following items would be used to calculate year 2's A/R before allowance for uncollectible accounts?

1) yr. 1 ending A/R before, 2) allowance for uncollectible accounts,
3) yr.2 credit sales minus cash collections, 4) yr. 2 A/R write offs, 5) A/R write off recoveries, 6) estimated uncollectible A/R in year 2

Include yr. 1 ending A/R before,

yr.2 credit sales minus cash collections,

yr. 2 A/R write offs


Both income tax basis and GAAP basis financial statements recognize...

All financial activities of a company's business


income tax basis vs. GAAP basis financial statements:

What differs between the 2 methods?

Timing of recognition of financial statement activities


For income tax basis financial statements, taxable revenues and taxable expenses are recognized in the financial statements...

In the same period they are reported in the tax return


For financial statements prepared according to GAAP, all revenues and expenses are recognized using...

The full accrual method of accounting


If cash is paid for land as well as a note receivable, what is the value of the land if it equals the note balance, which has total payments of $279,000, $79,000 of which is interest? Why?

Amount already paid on purchase = cash + pmts - interest

Subtract interest because only principle goes toward value of land


Note disclosure in the financial statements for pensions does not require...

A detailed description of the plan, including employee groups


Estimated plan contributions for the year following the latest year

Required in the note section disclosures of financial statements
For pensions


Interest expense forgiven on debt restructuring for debtor, debtors gain, what's included?

Difference between interest forgiven in current year and less interest
Owed in later year should be included in debtor's gain


When debt is issued at a discount, interest expense over the term of debt equals cash interest paid...

Plus discount


In financial statements prepared on an income tax basis, how should the nondeductible portion of expenses such as meals and entertainment be reported?

Included in expense category in the determination of income


When determining net income using the income tax basis, a fair determination necessitates using the nondeductible (for taxes) portion of expenses (such as meals and entertainment) as long as they are...

Legitimate business expenses


At the time of death of an insured officer or employee a gain would be recognized equal to...

The excess of the face amount of the policy over the cash
Surrender value at the time


At the time of death of an insured officer or employee, what is the journal entry for recognizing the gain on the policy?

Cash. Xxx
Cash surrender value. Xxx
Gain from proceeds of life insurance. Xxx


Tax position can result in...3

1 permanent reduction in income taxes payable

2 deferral of income taxes otherwise currently payable to future yrs

3 change in expected reliability of deferred tax assets


5 other areas encompassed by the term "tax position"

1 decision not to file tax return
2 allocation or shift of income btw jurisdictions
3 characterization of income or decision to exclude reporting
Taxable income in tax return
4 decision to classify transaction, entity as tax exempt
5 entity's status


Tax position:

entity's status 2 examples

Pass through entity

Tax exempt not for profit entity


If a transfer of financial assets does not qualify as a sale according to the criteria in FASB 860-30-25-1, then the transfer should be accounted for as...

A secured borrowing with a pledge of collateral


When a loss is estimated in year 1 on a disposal of a business segment that will be completed in year 2, what year will the loss be recognized?

Year 1


Is the carrying amount of a franchise affected by an annual fee of 1% of franchise revenues?



Enterprises often carry life insurance policies on the lives of key officers and employees. If the enterprise is the beneficiary, the cash surrender value of the policy is...

An asset of the enterprise


Enterprises often carry life insurance policies on the lives of key officers and employees. If the enterprise is the beneficiary, the cash surrender value of the policy is an asset of the enterprise. The amount to be charged to expense is the...

Amount of such premiums paid less the increase in cash surrender
Value during the period


Gains and losses do not result from buying and selling your...

Own equity shares


No gain should be recognized on the...

2) What does this do?

Resale of treasury stock

2) overstates net income


Checks written to venders in year 1, but not mailed until year 2 should be...

Added back to accounts payable


Does the lessor of a capital lease record depreciation expense?

2) how does the lessor treat the asset that they leased in a capital lease?


2) the lessor removes the asset from their books


Current income tax expense calculation?

Current income tax expense = Taxable income x enacted tax rate


What does debiting paid in capital do to the account?

Decreases it