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10 Best Practices for using Change Sets to move metadata (

1) Deploy all dependent components

2) Add permissions and access setting to outbound change sets

3) Clone a change set to add dependent components to an uploaded change set

4) Plan deployment around maintenance schedule

5) Validate change sets before deployment

6) View component details
(you can view XML representation of component)

7) limit change sets to 5,000 files

8) delete or rename components using the web interface

9) Consider possible delays in deployment time when a change set includes field type changes

10) Plan for tests to run in the target organization


What permissions and settings can be included in a change set with permission sets v. profile settings?

Permission sets can include:
a) Standard object permissions
b) standard field permission
c) User permissions (such as API Enabled)

Profile Settings can include:
a) Assigned apps
b) Tab settings
c) Page laayout assignments
d) Record type assignments
e) Login IP ranges
f) User permissions


What permissions and settings that require supporting components can be included in a change set with permission sets v. profile settings?

Permission sets and Profile settings both include:
a) Custom object permissions
b) Custom field permissions
c) Apex class access
d) Visualforce page access


What are the different tools to develop and deploy changes in Salesforce?

1) Using Apex in the Developer Console: integrated development environment with a collection of tools you can use to create, debug, and test applications in your Salesforce organization.

2) Using the IDE: Using this tool, you can also compile and test the code you write, synchronize changes in a sandboxt, and deploy your code to a production organization

3) Using SOAP API: develop and deploy changes to a development or sandbox organization, programmatically.

4) Using Migration Tool: file-based deployment of metadata changes and Apex classes from a Developer Edition or sandbox organization to a production organization using Apache's Ant build tool.

5) Using Change Sets: deploy workflows, rules, Apex classes and triggers, and other customization from a sandbox organization to your production organization. You can create an outbound change set in the Salesforce user interface and add the components that you would like to upload and deploy to the target organization.