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What is Territory Management?

An account sharing system that grants access to accounts based on the characteristics of the accounts. This allows the use of account criteria to expand a private sharing model. This is available only with customizable forecasts.


what are key benefits of territory management?

1) The ability to use account criteria to expand a private sharing model.
2) Support for complex and frequently changed sales organization structures.
3) Support for transferring users between territories, with the option to retain opportunities.
4) Multiple forecasts per user, based on territory membership.
5) Territory-based sales reports.


How does territory management work with account ownership?

Account ownership and its effect on record sharing remains valid and unchanged when territory management is in use.


What objects/records does territory management affect?

Accounts and standard object that have a master-detail relationship to accounts.


Where do you grant or remove access to data categories for knowledge articles?

In the profile settings