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What are the 8 parts of setting up an approval process?

1) Create an approval process
2) Add steps to your approval process
3) Specify initial submission actions
4) Specify final approval actions
5) Specify final rejection actions
6) Specify recall actions
7) If this is the first approval process: Add the approval history related list to the appropriate page layout, consider adding Items To Approve related list to custom home page layouts, populate all custom hierarchy fiels with the appropriate values
8) Use the process visualizer to display a graphical version of an approval process


What should you do before starting to create your approval process?

1. Prepare an approval request email template.
2. Prepare an approval request post template.
3. Determine the approval request sender.
4. Determine the assigned approver.
5. Determine the delegated approver.
6. Decide if your approval process needs a filter.
7. Design initial submission actions.
8. Decide if users can approve requests from a wireless device.
9. Determine if users can edit records that are awaiting approval.
10. Decide if records should be auto-approved or rejected.
11. Determine how many levels your process has.
12. Determine the actions when an approval request is approved or rejected.


How many steps can an approval process have?

up to 30


How many approvers can there be per approval step?



Can you create outbound messages for approval processes on junction objects?



What changes are locked on approval process after it has been activated?

Everything. You can't add, delete, or change the order of the steps, or change reject or skip behavior for that process, even if you make the process inactive.