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It is preferable to use first person (“I”) and second person (“you”) voice in most business writing.



When writing business documents, it is best to ignore who your reader is to ensure that you get your ideas across clearly.



Paying careful attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation guarantees that a document is well written.



What audience-related factors should business writers take into consideration when planning a document?

1. What level of formality of language should be used?
2. What is the audience's organizational status?
3. Does the audience have insider or outsider knowledge of the topic?


Why should writers pay attention to the record-keeping function of business writing?
1. To consider how future, unforeseen readers may use the text.
2. To avoid lawsuits.
3. To avoid putting damaging or inappropriate information in a document.

all of the above.


Which of the following contributes to establishing a professional ethos, or image, as a writer?

Acknowledging that the reader has identified a legitimate mistake made by the writer's company.


Essential computer literacy for the work place includes which of the following

Searching for and retrieving information from local networks, the Internet, libraries, and other databases


“Context” as a rhetorical principle includes which of the following:

Awareness of how an organization's culture affects what is permissible in writing.


Which of the following factors influencing how a writer approaches a writing task is related to the cultural context of the situation?

The fact that the writer must consider women and minorities when he/she writes.


According to the Introduction to business writing reading, the main goal of all business writing is:

To develop and maintain positive relations between people