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Accretion Theory

Planets form as rocks clump together (this is the Accretion Theory)


Density stratification

the creation of layers in the Earth due to the upward migration of lighter elements and the sinking of heavier elements.


The core

the innermost layer of the Earth, composed of iron and nickel. The inner core is solid while the outer core is liquid and is where the magnetic field is created due to the motion of these metallic fluids.


The mantle

sits on the core and makes up the largest volume of material. It is often subdivided into an upper and lower mantle based on the composition and properties of the mantle material.


The crust

the outermost layer of the Earth. The upper crustal material is primarily composed of lighter silicate material (like granite) or basalt.



During this time, water vapor and gaseous elements locked up in rising magmas were released as magma was extruded on the surface of the Earth. This process of releasing these gases is called degassing.