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What are the 4 main fields of anthropology?

Biological/physical anthropology
cultural anthropology
Linguistic anthropology


What is the scientific method?

A process that involves the formulation of a problem, the collection of data, and the formukation and testing of a hypothesis


What is a hypothesis?

A proposition intended to explain facts or phenomena


What is the purpose of anthropology?

Seeks to understand universals, and difference between human populations of all time periods


What is the "holistic approach?"

Is an approach that refers to many asects of a multifaceted system


What is biological anthropology?

The study of the emergence of humansband their later evolutions


What is cultural anthropology?

The study of how/why cultures in the oast or present are similar or different in what we do to the ways we think


Whats the difference between an association and a theory?

Associations are based only on observation. Theories are more conplicayed because there are concepts or implications in theories that are not observable