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who is ted bundy

he is a serial killer


culture of a society

is the normative system of behaviour instructing persons on the proper way to behave


sexual predator

person convicted of or pleaded guilty of commiting a sexual oriented offense and who is likely to commit them in the future


habitual sex offender

determined by the sentenced court to have previously commited or plead guilty to one or more sexually oritented offense


sexually oriented offender

person who has been convincted of or pleaded guilty to commiting a sexually oriented offense


folkways and provide example

normal habitual ways of behaving or 'good manners' ex. girl walk before men into doors


who responsible for teaching kids about folkways?

parents and other social institutions


mores and provide example

behaviours that if they are violated would lead to the destruction of society. laws that forbid these behaviours! b/c destroy the moral fabric of society. so formally they are the behaviours and customs that must be followed to prevent the desctruction of soceity. EX. murder



sexual gratification from drinking blood



leg fetish



sex drive oriented towards and sexual gratification from the same sex


when did the topic of homosexuality actually come to be discussed and debated?

gay liberation movement


tea rooms

rooms used for impersonal sex



penetration of any organ except the vagina ex. ears, anus etc.


types of homosexuals

secret, blatant, adjusted, institutional, homosexual prostitute, homosexual pedophile


secret homosexual

is homosexual but keeps his orientation hidden from others,


blatant homosexual

a homosexual who in the way he dresses, acts, manerisms, etc. makes NO ATTEMPT TO DISGUISE the fact that he is gay. invites identification and labelling by attending places such as gay bars for ex.


adjusted homosexual

homosexual who is content with being gay. has accepted his sexual orientation and does not suffer due to his/her choice of partners. if asked, they may readily admit that they are gay ,but dont FLAUNT their homosexuality like the blatant homosexual.


institutional homosexual

homosexual who doesn't have self image of being gay. they become involved in homosexual practices because of the situation/environment they find themselves in. ex. jail,s military etc. where they have no access to the other sex. usually, when removed from the institution, they are heterosexual.


homosexual prostitute

male who offers sexual favors to other males for money. mostly age 15-17, usually come from lower SES societies and have suffered physical abuse as children, MOTIVATION=MONETARY GAINS


homosexual pedophile

wants to have sex with only same sex childredn


how do we determine what is normal?

using sexual standards including the statistical standard, cultural, religious and subjective standards


statistical standard for sex

ex. if more than 50% of the popln practice certain sexual behaviours, then they are normal. can be dangerous b/c it cane makes thinking like breaking laws, "normal" ex. majority teenage girls shop lift -- is this normal? problematic b/c it doesnt take into account any sense of socially correct or incorrect things


roman shower

vomitting on parter after consuming wine or drinking urine


cultural standard

society has a set of normal rules and regulations that take form of laws, statues, and ordinances. violations of these or transgressions usually lead to some form of puishment.

folkways, laws,, moores and institutions control behaviour.



legally sanctioned folkways and moores


how do we learn cultural standards?

family first cradle for learning about these experiences, , then friends, religious institutions and other sources provide cultural information.


religious normalcy

standard for sexual normalcy. back in the day, religion played an important role in developing the value systems of soceity and individuals.


subjective standard

standard for normalcy of sexual behaviours.
usually the most important in a persons life. this defines for a person the appropriateness of his/her actions and how these actions fall in the normal range of behaviours for this person at this stage of their lives.


what are the 4 elements in sexual behaviour?

fantasy, symbolism, ritualism and compulsion