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different family types and their influence on how we view sex

hebrew family, greek family, roman family, and christian family


hebrew family

aka jewish family
due to the harsh environments they were exposed to, they formed a strong sense of community.

according to the jews, the father was the SUPREME COMMANDER - his word held againts everything, it was the law. bloodlines traced via father. males were generally granted higher status. male children were ones that could provide for fam, , ss well as battle,

divorce was not granted to women in the early jewish culture, only the male could get a divorce. male also allowed to have multiple wives [polygny]

sex for purpose of recreation and for pleasure of male. women NOT enjoy sex, their pleasure came from raising kids and taking care of house. -__-


greek family

purpose of sex was for procreation just like with hebrews,

unique: one unique factor of how sex was viewed in greek society comes from the public and communal encouragement of homosexuality. for many people in the greek society, the highest form of love was the one between 2 males one adult and another who didnt reach puberty yet. homosexuality and pedophilia was part of their common culture.

status of the female was low among greek society, married woman had ONLY 2 roles: wife and mother. education restricted. greek male could get a divorce but this was very hard for a woman. greek family was male dominated - sons carried on familys name.

sex was not only for procreation but also recreational purposes. homosexuality, lesbianism, etc. were all typical in greek family


roman family

first family that allowed EQUALITY for males and females. this lead to the idea of bihumanity; what was good for one sex- was also good for the other.

males were still desired as children, but daughters also desired. father still controlled family but mother was now treated as an equal. sex was for recrreation as well and viewed as a normal part of personality and to be enjoyed. nothing wrong with sex! homosexual or hetro.


christian family

had a strong moral code and controlled ppl using crude but effective methods. strict principles on sex and sexuality. believed it was better to be single than married. but better to be married then engage in sex freely. insisted on monogamy, sex just for procreation not pleasure.

status of women fell drastically during this time, women considered the source of evil. [eve/adam]

christians wanted daughters because the had a higher chance or remaining virgins,
women made for purpose of man therefore should have positiion lower than men.


single standard

what is good for one sex is good for another.