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sexual involvement with a relative of the child with whom the law prohibits marriage.


what are non-touching activities that also play a role in incest?

talking sexually, arousing interest of child, exhibitionism, voyeurism, patterns of sex play where the child is the viewer of the sex act and not participating.


most children are raped by who?

family members ... well 46% of them!


majority of rape victims are under the age of



most frequent incestuous relationship

between the father and the daughter. usually father is immature and has low self-esteem. and has high expectations for his chosen victim.


why is mother and son or mother and daughter insent unreported?

because of unwillingness of soceity to accept that this occurs.


what are some misconceptions of the female incest offender?

that the mother-son incest only happens when intercourse happens; that the boy cant be a victim of abuse; that sexual abuse only happens by males; that mother love is always free of sexual intentions and that incest by moms is caused by mental illness.


describe the family dynamic of those that have a child who is victimized in the fam

when the child is the victim of an adult male -- usually the relations between the two partners are not equal. -- marriage sometimes in troub;e. one partner sees themselves as superior. inewuality is expressed via sexual agression againts child.


cause of incest

many causes. one is retaliation againts the female by the male partner for actual or imagined unfaithfulness. -- feelings of entitlment of ones child. -- my property.

2 characteristics: lack of impulse control and confusion of roles where child is seen as an object to meet needs.


what age do incestual relations start?

between ages of 1-6
girls are more likely to be victims


describe some indicators of a family in a sexual crisis situation that can lead to incest.

family are social isolates
male exercises great degree of control in fam
the fam emphasizes moral/religious issues strongly
fam exhibits much relationship distress between the rents and caretakers
nonoffending rent feelings great pressure for some behaviour change
parents experience sexual discord between selves.


why do moms engage in incest?

sometimes as a way to attain or regain power in the family


effects of incest on children

immediate effect: eating disorders
also, self mutilation.

in adulthood, child may come to view sex negatively.

many also develop amnesia; mind puls traumatic memory apart

become involved in occultism [study of supernatural?]

greatest damage is in child concept of SELF. they blame themselves.


treatment of incest

o Usually centered on the entire family
o Lack of research distinguishing between all the types of abuse
o No one treatment approach works better than another one
o Goal: reintegrate offender into community
o Male and female caretakers view incest differently
o A lot of times offender is found to have experienced abuse themselves
o A study found that grandfathers were more likely to commit very serious violent offenses
o Treatment must look at various layers that exist within the personality of the offender