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What is the primary definition of a truck company?

A company that is primarily staffed and equipped to perform multiple specialized support fireground operations.


What are the 5 major components of a quint?

Aerial device, pump, water, hose, and ground ladders


What are GAWR and GVW?

Gross axle weight rating and
Gross vehicle weight


What is the definition of the quint concept?

That personnel assigned to a quint are capable of determining the need for engine or truck operations and acting accordingly.


What is an advantage of separate functional companies?

That personnel can specialize in a particular responsibility.


What are the two qualifications that should be considered when selecting a prospective truck company officer?

Fireground experience and fireground maturity


If four persons are assigned to a truck company, how many operations can simultaneously be accomplished within a framework of accountability?



What are three advantages of predetermining operational duties?

Standardized procedures, teamwork, and continuity


What is the minimum apparatus response that should be assigned to a single-family structure fire?

Two engines, one truck, and one chief officer


List several benefits of having a truck company officer be of a higher rank than an engine officer.

Transfer of command and priority of apparatus


What is the typical GVW of a single axle, 65-75 Foot aerial device?

44,000 lbs


What is the GAWR of the rear axle on a single axle aerial device?

31,000 lbs


When did NFPA 1901 require a deceleration device on fire apparatus?

August 9 1996


What is the GAWR of a 75 foot tandem axle aerial device?

44,000 to 48,000 lbs


What is the GVW of a 100 foot tandem axle Aerial device?

48,000 to 66,000 lbs


What is the turning radius of a tillered 100 foot aerial device?

29 to 35 ft


What is 2 advantages of a tillered apparatus over a nonarticulated quint?

1. turning radius
2. abundance of storage compartments


What are some typical inside responsibilities for a truck company? (6)

1. Forcible entry
2. Search and rescue
3. Controlling the extension of the fire
4. Assisting attack operations
5. Salvage
6. Fire attack if a quint is used


What is some typical outside responsibilities for outside responsibilities for a truck company? (3)

1. Horizontal ventilation
2. Vertical ventilation
3. Pressurized ventilation


What should be the initial response to any structure larger than a single-family dwelling?

3 engines
2 trucks
1 chief