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What is a combination system?

Water is delivered to a municipality through a combination of pumps and/or gravity devices


What is the difference between a service and a customer line?

A service line runs between a main and a water meter, and a customer line runs between a water meter and a structure


What are the three primary types of water service configurations?

1. Domestic water only through a single service
2. Domestic water and water for fire protection through a single service
3. Domestic water and water for fire protection through separate services


What are the primary components of a water service system?

Meter box or vault, shutoff valves, water meter and/or detector check valve, and a pressure-reducing valve (in a domestic service)


Where are water system components normally located in cold climates?

Below the frost line or in the basement of the structure


What is a detector check valve?

A detector check valve is used in a closed fire protection system. It allows water to flow in one direction only.


Where are the shutoff valves normally located in water services to residents?

On one or both sides of a water meter


What is an equivalent service?

Two two-inch water meters in adjacent vaults that are connected to a single three-inch customer line


How is the size of a water service to an industrial/commercial building determined?

The water requirements of the building, not the size of the building


Where can interior hot water leaks easily be shut off?

At the water heater or boiler


How much force downward does a head of water exert?

.433 psi for every foot of elevation


What are trunk lines?

carry water from a primary source to mains--36 inches to 10 feet. Constructed of iron or concrete


What are water mains?

run beneath streets. vary from 2 inches to 72 inches. Constructed of iron pipe


Who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the plumbing from the shutoff valve?

Building owners


What determines the type of water service to a structure?

Applicable plumbing code requirements and water consumption needs


What are non-indicating valves characterized by?

ball-and-cone valves
gate valves


What are indicating valves characterized by?

OS&Y valves (outside stem and yoke)
Post indicating valves


What is a Factory Mutual meter?

a high-flow meter that provides water for fire protection purposes, and which can vary in size from 4 -10 inches


What is combination water service?

domestic water meter and detector check valve that provide separate services to a structure


What water pressure do dwelling usually use? and what reduces the incoming pressures?

40-70 psi
pressure reducing valves