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Why is it important to select carefully when purchasing ground ladders?

The types of ground ladders you purchase will affect fireground operations for 15 years or more


What is the NFPA recommended minimum for ground ladders carried by truck companies?

115 ft.


What two primary factors affect the maintenance of any ladder?

Frequency of use and
Adherence to NFPA 1932


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, what type of ground ladder is commonly associated with electrocutions?

Metal ground ladders


Why should ladders be properly spotted or shifted into the correct position before being raised?

Ladders are more easily and safely maneuvered on the ground. Additional movement of a vertical ladder increases the chance of losing stability and striking overhead obstructions


What are the two basic methods of raising ground ladders?

Flat and beam raise


What is the proper climbing angle for a ladder?

Approximately 70 degrees


What is the minimum number of ladders that should be placed to a building



How can personnel extend their horizontal reach while working from a ladder?

Reposition the ladder, or lock in to the ladder with one leg


When laddering a fire escape, how far should the top of the ladder extend above the railing

Maximum of one foot


Metal ground ladders can suddently fail from loss of annealing when exposed to heat or flame as low as ____ degrees F.

200 Degrees


According to NFPA 1932, how often should ground ladders be visually inspected?

Monthly and after each use


How often should you inspect the varnish on wooden ladders?
When should you redo the varnish?

Inspect varnish every 6 months

redo annually---sooner if evidence of damage


What are the average service lines (120-240 volt) to a single-family home commonly insulated with?

Material rated at 600 volts


When raising ground ladders, what ladders should generally be raised 1st?

the largest ladder, requiring the most personnel


Straight ladders with rungs set in the main beams should be raised how?

Rungs away from the building


Extension ladders should be raised with the fly away from the building for what type of ladders?

Metal or fiberglass ladders


Where should the fly be positioned when raising a truss wood extension ladder with the rungs set in the main beam?

Fly between the main section and building.


What should personnel do before moving or shifting large extension ladders? Why?

Capture the halyard
Prevents the dogs from accidentally unlocking


When deciding between two lengths of ladders, what one should you pick and why?

Longer ladder
1. It will reach the objective
2. improved stability
3. visibility above objective


How tall are residential occupancies, floor to floor?


approx 9 feet

approx 10 feet


How far is the average window sill above the floor?

about 3 feet


What is the minimum ladder length needed to reach the windowsill of a second-floor dwelling?

24 ft


In relation to a fire, where should the initial ladder be placed?

Place away or opposite from the locaton of the fire


To compliment ground ladders, consider using aerial devices on any structure equal to or larger than how many stories?

2 stories


What should be done when using a hose stream from a ladder that can not be secured at the top?

Flatter-than-normal angle, and secure the bottom


Most passenger and freight ships require at least a ____foot ladder to reach the railings

50 foot


What 5 size-up considerations should be evaluated when determining ladder placement?

1. Priorities
2. Selection
3. Location
4. Length
5. Hazards