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What is the primary purpose of overhaul operations in structure fires?

To locate and extinguish any remaining fire


During overhaul operations, what do fireground personnel tend to do after a fire has been contained or extinguished?

to relax


Why can mezzanines pose a special hazard during overhaul operations?

A combination of being weakened by the fire and sustantial loads imposed by storage


What operation should be considered, if not completed, before overhaul commences?

Fire cause investigation


What is the two-bottle rule?

If a firefighter has used two 30-minute bottles or has worked for 40 minutes, he is a prime candidate for a minimum rest of 10 minutes and rehydration before being allowed to resume work


Describe a systematic approach to finding hidden fire.

Overhaul should start by the area of origin (first priority), then progress upward (second priority), then downward (third priority)


Why can plastic sheeting be more advantageous than salvage covers?

Ease of implementation and the ability to leave it on the scene when finished


Why can ABS plastic pipe pose significant overhaul problems?

ABS pipe will readily burn and act as a vehicle to spread fire through the structure. It also makes copious amounts of smoke when it burns.


How can wet water siplify overhaul operations?

It lessens the surface tension of water, thereby increasing the ability of water to penetrate various materials


How far should overhaul piles be kept from a structure?

At least 3 feet.


What are the major factors in determining the type of overhaul?

1. Nature of occupancy
2. Its stability
3. Materials present
4. Size of fire


What are the main objectives of overhaul? (4)

1. Complete extinguishment
2. Determine cause
3. Loss determination for insurance, owners..
4. Leave building in safe condition and secure unauthorized entry


Why should an Incident Commander survey the building prior to overhaul? (5)

1. Review unsafe conditions
2. Determine probable origin
3. Determine nature and extent of overhaul
4. Develope overhaul strategy
5. Ensure proper resources


What is the top priority in any overhaul operation?

Personnel safety


What must be evaluated before overhaul concerning structural stability?

Size of fire
Extension of fire
Duration of fire
Type of construction
Type of building


What are areas that Asbestos is commonly found?

Sprayed acoustic ceilings
Floor tiles
Hot water pipe insulation
Insulation in boiler rooms
Insulated ducting
Old style "blown" insulation


How much does water weigh?

8.35 lbs


Concerning overhaul, when should fire cause investigation be completed?

Before overhaul.
moving debris can thwart a successful fire cause investigation


What should an Incident Commander consider when evaluating individuals for rehab?

1. Conditions
2. Duration
3. Exertion level of personnel
4. Whether the overhaul is at the beginning or end of tour of duty
5. Weather conditions


What is referred to as deadman?

Decking material that overhangs a rafter.


Overhaul operatoins can provide an excellent opportunity to train members in what?

Building construction


During overhaul, when should you seriously consider using SCBA?

Carbon Monoxide of 50ppm or other contaminants are present


What is a wet water Proportioner?

It is a direct-demand, variable-flow proportioner (ratio of 1:6,000 to 1:10,000 parts wet water to water)


What is a cost effective alternative to the wet-water proportioner?

Anti-siphon sprayer or lawn fertilizer applicator


When a fire has occured in a structure and it is advantageous to leave the fire debris inside the structure, what should be done?

1. Charged line
2. Remove salvageable items from fire area
3. Use minimal water
4. Evaluate potential consequences before placing overhaul piles on combustible floors
5. Keep overhaul piles at least 2 feet from walls
6. Do not mix overstuff with other fire debris
7. Seperate burned/unburned, salvageable/unsalvageable


Fires in restaurants normally require the notification of whom?

Health Department authority