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For routine requests and positive messages

State the request or main idea
Give necessary details
Close with a cordial request for specific action


Get to the point without abruptness

Pay attention to tone
Assume that your audience will comply
Be specific


Close request messages with

A request for some specific action
Information about how you can be reached
An expression of appreciation


Simple requests can be handled with three message points

What you want to know or what you want your readers to do
Why you’re making the request (not required in all cases)
Why it may be in your readers interest to help you (not applicable in all cases)


When writing a claim or requesting an adjustment

Explain the problem and give details
Provide backup information
Request specific action



Formal complaint



Settlement of a claim


When handing claims and requests for adjustment in customer complaints

Acknowledge receipt of the customer claim or complaint
Sympathize with customers inconvenience or frustration
Take personal responsibility for settling matters straight
Explain precisely how you have resolved or plan to resolve the situation
Take steps to repair the relationship
Follow up to verify that your response was correct


A successful recommendation letter contains what details

Candidates full name
Position or other objective the candidate is seeking
Nature of relationship with the candidate
Facts and evidence relevant to the candidate and the opportunity


When sharing routine information

State the purpose at the beginning and mention the nature of the info you will be providing
Provide the necessary details
End with a courteous close


News release or press release

Specializes document used to share relevant information with the news media


Social media release

Share ready content that’s easy to reuse In blog posts, tweets, and other social media forms



Positive feeling that encourages people to maintain a business relationship


Condolence letters

Let audience know that you and the organization you represent care about the persons loss