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Function of Public Relations

Public relations strategies can either increase sales or limit the loss of sales where marketing activities will not be successful.
There are four ways in which public relations Activites can assist a business in achieving it's objectives
1 - promoting a positive image
2 - effective communication of messages
3 - issues monitoring
4 - crisis management


Public Relations and Advertising

Adverstising uses paid television and radio slots, and space in newspaper in magazines. The advertiser has control over when where and how the message is presented because it is a paid message. Public relations, on the other hand, uses the space and time provided free, often by third parties, to create publicity



uses paid non personal messages communicated through mass media to the public



Are group that the organisation interacts with and that have a vested interest in, or impact on, the organisations ability to achieve it's objectives



Refers to any free news stories about a business's products or services



Refers to how a business is perceived by the world at large, especially consumers


Image audit

Is an independent check of accuracy of an images perception


Elements of a Business Image

Customer service
Quality of products


Results of a proper image

Improved marketability of the business's products
Greater creditability
Improved public recognition in the marketplace
Better brand recognition
Higher level of sales, market share and profitability


Public Relations

Is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and it's public


Different types of publics

1- Internal Publics - employees and managers. Expect fairness and good morale helps maintain positive image with external publics
2- general publics - expect fair and honest practices
3- local Community Public - represents local residents and neighbourhood organisations
4- citizen action publics - practices may be scrutinised by action groups, such as environmental organisations. Expect business to operate in environmentally stable manner
5 - media publics - expect accurate information and access to informative sources
6 - government publics - three levels. Expect business to abide laws


Strategies/Stages of a public relations campaign

Stage 1 - establish a public relations objective - what do we want the PR campaign to achieve
Stage 2 - identify the intended publics - which groups will the PR campaign be directed towards
Stage 3 - develop PR Strategies and techniques - how is the PR campaign going to achieve it's objectives
Stage 4- Implement the PR campaign - are we ready to commence the campaign?
Stage 5 - evaluate the results - is the PR campaign achieving what we thought it would? Does the PR campaign need changing


Public relations campaign

Is a series of public relations activities undertaken to achieve a specific objective


Specific public relation strategies

Media from which a business can select. . Important to select the most appropriate and effective.
Eg- Displays
- competitions
- guest speakers
- email messages
- media releases


Purpose of a crisis communication plan

1- bring the cris under control- limiting the damage
2- dealing with the intense media and public scruntiny


Elements of the crisis communication plan

1- determine the appropriate target publics
2- essential information should be communicated to all affected publics
3- get the facts
4- responses should be given as quickly as possible
5- be prepared to anwser questions
6- provide regular updates
7- establish a chain of command
8- establish a crisis communication team
9- moniter the progress of the crisis communication plan
10- evaluate the effectiveness of the crisis communication plan


6 performance indicators

Level of customer satisfaction
Change in opinions and attitudes
Investors reaction
Supporter or critical public comments
Sales market share and profit


Issues in publics relations

- the internet
International public relations associations


Public relations ethics

Is the moral evaluation of public relations activities as right or wrong


Public relation social responsibility

Is the conscious effort by a public relations business to maximise it's positive impact and minimise it's negative impact on society


Public relations - unethical practices

- offering gifts for story placement
- paying radio announcers to make negative comments about major rivals
- spreading rumours
- placing inaccurate information on a website or in a media kit
- using stooges to offer evidence or opinion in public hearings or royal commissions