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The Gates

Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Example of Site Specific art
New York
7,503 gates, 16 feet tall
1,067,330 square feet of nylon fabric


Spiral Jetty

Robert Smithson,
Example of Earthwork or Landart
Medium: Rock, salt crystals, earth, algae; coil length 1500’. Great Salt Lake


Tilted Arc

Richard Serra
Medium: Cor-Ten steel
Example of site specific art.


Mechanical Head

Raul Hausman
Example of assembling.
Medium: Hairdresser's wig-making dummy,
crocodile wallet, ruler, pocket watch
mechanism and case, bronze
segment of old camera, typewriter
cylinder, segment of measuring
tape, collapsible cup, the number
"22," nails, and bolt


Olowe of Ise

Born in Nigeria and moved to Ise and made commissions for the King.
well known in England and Nigeria.
Made the "Bowl with Figures" which is made out of wood pigment.


Chriso and Jeanne-Claude

A couple that created environmental works of art.
create works of art simply for joy and for beauty.
Prominent in Paris


Free Standing Sculpture/ Sculpture “In the round”

A sculpture that is surrounded by space all around it
Example: David by Michelangelo


Relief (High, Low, Sunken)

A sculpture where the figures are projecting from the background and the amount of projection is determined by the amount of relief (High, low, sunken)

High: half of their depth is projecting>>mostly coming out of the background

Low: very little projection from background

Sunken: No projection from backgroung>> similar to carving on a wall .


Methods of sculpture

By manipulating materials such as clay.
example: Terra-cotta army


Lost-Wax Process

A model in plaster of clay and then coated with wax



covered with a thin layer of gold
Example: The Bodhisattva
Avalokiteshvara (the
bodhisattva of
compassion also known
as “the Lotus Holder”)



a space that is meant to be entered and experienced. the work of art is placed there for a limited time and is meant for that space.


Site-Specific Art

artwork that was made for a specific place and to be understood in that space.


Earthwork/Land Art

reshaping and arranging natural elements at a natural site
Example: "Spiral Getty"


Additive - Modeling, Assembling

constructing a whole using multiple individual parts.
Example :
"Mechanical Head"


Subtractive - Carving

A block of solid material that will be carved away.
"Venus of Willendorf"
"Colossal Olmec Head"



making a sculpture by pouring hot liquid into a mold and letting it harden.
Bronze, plaster, clay, and resin.


Terra Cotta Army

Clay modeling surrounding the tomb mound of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty
over 6,000 life size soldiers, horses, and chariots.


Colossal Olmec head

Example of the subtractive carving method of modeling. the olmec were an ancietn pre columbian civilization.