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A blend of technology with social interaction to create social networking, interacting, and information sharing for consumers. ("Active receivers" spread the word for you)


What 3 advantages make social media possibly more effective than traditional marketing?

1. Offers greater flexibility for content and duration.
2. Has credibility similar to word-of-mouth communications.
3. Can build awareness and interest at a much lower cost than traditional media channels.


What are the 3 primary objectives of social media?

1. Reach: Build awareness with potential customers; Generate leads for new sales.
2. Engage: Strengthen relationships with current customers; improve customer retention.
3. Convert: Win new customers.


What is a key driver in engaging and converting potential customers?

RELEVANT CONTENT. (Sticky screens)


What are the 2 cost methods for Facebook ads?

CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions): Bids made. Charged a fixed amount for every thousand page views but ad will move to undesired location if it does not generate any clicks.
CPC (cost-per-click): Bids made (max cost, not actual cost) and if click-through rate for an ad is very high, the CPC will go down.


What is the CRITICAL number for Facebook?

COST PER ACTION. Ads must generate enough interest to get a click and clicks must generate an action leading to a sale.


What is the downside to Facebook ads?

No target, no specific usage situation. May depend on entertainment factors or education factors.


How should you NOT treat your business Twitter account?

Like a personal twitter account.
Do not stray from the product message.


How should a business Twitter act?

Respond to customer tweets.
Tweet on the weekends.
Ask for retweets.
Post photos of people using products.
Ask a question or two.
Tweet promotions.
Tweeting 5 times a week is better than 5 times a day.


How is YouTube promotion similar to regular advertising?

Videos need to be entertaining, focus on the product, demonstrate benefits (user heroes), clearly communicate brand name and brand personality.
Giveaways (or other sales promotions) may be useful.


What are a PRODUCT BLOG's aims?

Fresh content.
Establish contributors as experts.



Google AdWords target potential customers when they are in the middle of a specific buying situation.
Ads are "won" depending on maximum CPC bid.
Ads should include the search terms entered.
Ads should direct to purpose-build landing pages, not full-featured websites.


What should you ask INSTEAD of "How do I optimize my website to better rank with search engines?"

"How can I optimize my brand so that it's a sought-after participant in relevant conversations?


Facebook is better at generating __________ and Google Adwords is better at generating ____________.

Facebook is better at generating awareness.
Google AdWords is better at making direct sales.


How does something go VIRAL?

Owned, Purchased, and Earned (media convergence)