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What are the traditional and the interactionist view of conflict?

Traditional View
All conflict is harmful and must be avoided

Interactionist View
Conflict is encouraged to prevent group from becoming stale
- Functional and disfunctional


What are the three types of conflict and the three loci of conflict?

And find desired conflict levels

Task conflict: Work content and goals
Relationship conflict: Interpersonal relationships
Process conflict: How the work is done

Level of conflict: low, medion, high
Source of conflict: Task, relatinship, process

Task conflict is best


Can you outline the conflict process?

Stage I: Potential Opposition (communication, structure and personal variables)
Stage II: Cognition and Personalization (Perceived and felt conflict)
Stage III: Intentions (Dimenions: assertiveness and cooperativeness)
Stage IV: Behavior
Stage V: Outcomes (functional vs. disfunctional


What are the contrast between distributive and integrative bargaining?

Distributive Bargaining: Get the biggest slice possible (win-lose)

Integrative bargaining:
A win-win solution is possible


What are the five steps of the negotiation process?

Preperation and planning
Definition of ground rules
Clarification and justification
Bargaining and problem solving
Closure and implementation


How does individual differences influence negotiations?

Personality Traits
Moods & Emotions


Three sources of conflict?

Dyadic conflict:
Conflict between two people
Intragroup conflict:
Conflict occurring within a group or team
Intergroup conflict:
Conflict between groups or teams


Keep in mind..

Conflict is an inherent part of organizational life: probably necessary for optimal organizational function
Task conflict is the most constructive
Most effective negotiators use both types of bargaining and know the appropriate tactics