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By deploying the apparatus stabilizers, the base of stability for the aerial apparatus is effectively ___________.


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Even if the device is only raised a few feet from the cradle to open a tilt cab, place the ___________ in position to minimize or eliminate stress on the ____________.

stabilizers / suspension

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Rotating the device 360 degrees will trace a ________ ________.

Gravity circle

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As long as this ________ ________ does not extend outside the base of stability, the apparatus should remain stable.

Gravity circle

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- Theoretical safety zone that surrounds the center of gravity on an aerial apparatus.

Gravity Circle

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Newer apparatus may be equipped with ________ switches that prevent the movement of the aerial device to the short jacked side.

limit (rotational interlocks)

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If the apparatus is parked on a ________ grade, the center of gravity (and theoretical gravity circle) will be shifted to the _______ side.

lateral grade / lower

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Lateral grades

If the aerial device is raised over the lower side, the Gravity circle may extend beyond the base of ____________.


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______________ the aerial device can also have an adverse effect on the stability of the apparatus, even on a level surface with stabilizers fully deployed.


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Excessive _________ on the aerial device will result in an expansion of the gravity circle.


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Some of the more common stabilizers are:
* _______-______ stabilizers (also called downriggers) - Straight jacks that extend down from the chassis.
* ______ ______________ (also called H stabilizers) - Stabilizers that extend straight away from the truck and have jacks that extend straight down to the ground.
* ___-______, scissor, or ____-style stabilizers (also called fulcrum-type stabilizers) - Stabilizers that extend down and away from the chassis at an angle.

* Post-type
* Box stabilizers
* A-frame, scissor, or X-style

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__________ stabilizers are similar to box-type hydraulic stabilizers. They consist of an extension ______ that has a _______ _______ attached to the end of the arm.

Manual / arm / screw jack

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Using manual stabilizers:

The primary difference is that the driver/operator must swing the ___________ _______ into position manually; in addition he or she must manually turn the _______ _______ attached to the arm to lower the stabilizer.

extension arm / screw jack

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Maximum stability is achieved when the angle of the tractor is _____ degrees from the centerline of the trailer and the aerial ladder is operated toward the __________ of the angle.

60 / outside

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