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What are 4 types of test in hiring

- Aptitude test
- Intelligent test
- Interest test
- Honesty test


What is test validity

Test validity answers the question "Does this test measure what it's supposed to measure?"


What is criterion validity

Demonstrating criterion validity means demonstrating that those who do well on the test also do well on the job, and those who do poorly on the test do poorly on the job.


What is content validity

The content validity of a test is demonstrating by showing that the test constitutes a fair sample of the content of the job.


What is reliability in test

The consistency of scores obtained by the same person when retested with the identical tests.


What are 3 requirement of a good test

1. Standardization
2. Reliability
3. Validity


What are methods of interview

- one-2-one interview
- group interview
- board interview
- Stress interview
- Videotaped interview
- Computer interview


What is the final step of an interview

Write notes about candidate


What is snap judgement

Immediate judgment


What are common mistakes in an interview

- Snap judgement
- Negative emphasis (negative approach of interview taker)
- Not knowing the job
- Pressure to hire (favoritism)
- Candidate-order error (select a candidate who is good than other past candidates, but not fit for job)
- Nonverbal behavior


What factors are for biased interviews

- Impression management
- Interviewer bad memory
- Decision immediately at the start of interview