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What is the primary purpose of the Navigation Rules?

prevent collisions


According to the Rules, what actions must the "give-way" boat take?

stay out of the way of the other


When is the term "Not Under Command" appropriate for a boat?

the vessel has no steerage or power


What maneuvering privileges apply to a sailing vessel using both sail and engines to propel the boat?

a power driven vessel


What is the definition of "safe speed?"

speed that allows stopping your boat in time to avoid collision


What actions must two power boats take when meeting head on?

both must take action to avoid collision


What is the provision in the General Rule of Responsibility?

provides that you may break the Navigation Rules to avoid danger


When returning from sea, what is the light color for lighted navigation aids that indicate the left side of the channel?

green lights


In a narrow channel, where should boats operate?

the starboard side


When stopped by the USCG, what is a cause for termination of using your boat?

insufficient PFDs


The spread of nuisance aquatic species is a problem for all boaters. What is a procedure you should use to reduce the spread when trailering your boat from a boat launch area?

clear your boat and trailer from the boat ramp, then in the parking are use available water to clean the bait wells, bilges, bait buckets, and wash away any mud


What two placards are required on boats 26 feet and longer?

prohibited discharge of oil and discharge of garbage


When entering a marked channel from the sea, you observe red and green colored buoys. How do you steer the boat with regard to these navigation aids?

keep the red markers on your starboard side


What is the definition of the term "iso" as used on lighted aids to navigation?

the light has equal amounts of light and dark


What is the significance of a buoy with red and white vertical stripes and a red topmark?

a safe water mark indicating the center of a channel


What is the significance of a buoy with horizontal bands of both red and green colors?

this is a preferred channel mark, the preferred channel is indicated by the color of the top band


What equipment is required on your boat to operate at night?

proper navigation lights for your vessel


You are overtaking a boat and give two short blasts. He responds with five shot blasts. What is he indicating?

I disagree, do not pass


You are in a 28 foot powerboat entering a fog bank. After slowing to safe speed, what sound signals do you make?

1 prolonged blast every 2 minutes


Where will the marks in the lateral system of navigation aids be placed?

the port and starboard sides of the channel


What is the function of "ranges" as used in navigable waters?

indicate the centerline of a channel


What colors are used to identify navigation aids in the lateral system?

always red or green, or a combination of red and green or red and white


What does the sound signal "one pro-longed blast followed by two short blasts" in restricted visibility signify?

a sailing vessel


What type of boat would show red and green sidelights with two white lights above in a vertical line?

vessel towing or pushing ahead


What sound signal does a vessel proceeding downstream make when approaching a sharp bend which prevents visual contact with meeting vessels?

sound one prolonged blast


According to Rule 18, what vessels have the least priority and have to stay out of the way of all vessels further up the list?

power driven vessels


What is the "DANGER" signal used to express disagreement with a proposed maneuver?

five or more short blasts on the whistle


What information is provided on the boat's CAPACITY PLATE?

maximum weight the boat should carry including people gear and motor


What equipment is required on sail and vessels under oars less than 23 feet in length when operating at night?

may use a flashlight in lieu of running lights


What is the effect of alcohol use on boat operators?

reaction times are impaired