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Knowledge of piloting will provide you with two boating safety skills. One is the ability to determine your position at any time. What is the second skill?

select a safe and efficient route from one place to another


What is the primary benefit from the Global Positioning System (GPS)?

will provide a precise position on a continuous basis


two of the three considerations when choosing an anchor for your boat are size and type of your boat. What is the third consideration?

kinds of seabed where you intend to anchor


Under normal anchoring conditions, what is the recommended scope of the anchor rode?



Anchor rode is typically a combination of chain and anchor line. The chain is normally secured to the anchor with anchor line completing the rode to the boat. What is the purpose of the chain?

makes the pulling angle more horizontal by adding weight


What is the correct method to anchor a boat?

lower the anchor over the bow


Each person on a boat is required to have a properly sized and serviceable USCG approved life jacket. What factor do you look for when determining serviceability?

not ripped or punctured


What action is required by persons seeing someone fall overboard?

shout "man overboard" loudly so the helmsman can hear


What action is required when refueling is complete?

ventilate the engine compartment for at least 4 minutes then conduct the sniff test


What is the immediate action you take when there is a fire onboard?

tell everyone on he boat where the fire is and have them put on PFDs


Capsizing and falling overboard accounts for the majority of boating fatalities. What should your action be if you capsize of fall overboard?

stay with the boat and hang on to any floating object


cold water immersion and hypothermia can kill. What action should you take when responding to a cold water immersion case?

send for an ambulance or call for medical assistance on channel 16


The effects of hypothermia appear more quickly in cold water. While wearing your life jacket (PFD), you fall overboard. What actions should you take to delay the effects of hypothermia?

remain inactive and let the PFD provide the buoyancy; use the H.E.L.P position


What is the first duty of the skipper in the event of a collision at sea?

account for your crew, check their condition, then attend to the occupants of the other boat and asses your damage in that order


What action should you take if you run aground?

check your hull for damage, have passenger and crew put on PFDs


Carbon monoxide is extremely toxic and produced by fossil fueled boat and generator engines. What preventive action should boaters take for early detection of CO?

Install CO alarms in cockpit, cabin, and sleeping areas


What action should all boaters take to be better prepared for at sea emergencies?

take a medical treatment course such as first aid and CPR


What fuel management practice will help prevent running out of fuel?

use the 1/3 rule of thumb: 1/3 the tank to get there;1/3 to get home;1/3 for emergencies


In the event you assist a disabled boat by towing to port, what precaution should you use when determining tow harness attachment points?

you use cleats that are through bolted and have a heavy backing plate


What practice is desired before every voyage, and especially important, when planning a week-end cruise?

get an accurate marine weather forecast


What is your action if you hear static on your AM entertainment radio?

be alert for an approaching thunderstorm and try to find a safe harbor as soon as possible


In the event you encounter stormy weather, all person on board should be wearing their life jackets and your best helmsman should be steering. What is the better steering practice to deal with wave actions?

steer the boat to meet the waves at an angle off the bow


In stormy seas, what is a good practice for safe transit?

find the best speed for the control of your boat


What is your action when encountering restricted visibility of any kind?

reduce speed to be able to stop in one-half the visible distance and have all aboard put on their life jackets


What is the better radiotelephone system for recreational boats operating on inland and coastal waters?

VHF radio


What are the use restrictions for the VHF marine radiotelephone?

distress and operational communication on permitted channels


What VHF radio channels are used for initial call-up?

16 and 9


What is the emergency distress call used on channel 16 to obtain assistance when in immediate danger to life and property?



What is the sole service use of VHF Channel 70 in your VHF radio?

Digital Selective Calling


What action should you take in the event you fall into cold water?

conserve energy and reduce the rate of heat loss