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Two-stroke outboards are lubricated by oil that is _________ into the fuel while four-stroke engines are lubricated by the oil in the _________.

mixed; crankcase


When starting a cold outboard, either a primer pump is used to inject a small amount of _______ into the _______ or a choke is used to reduce the _______ supply in the ________.

fuel; cylindar; air; carburetor


When a propeller hits an object, the rest of the outboard is protected from damage by breaking the bonding of the ______ to the propeller hub or breaking the _______.

neoprene sleeve; sheer pin


When starting on outboard, it is important to check for a stream of _______ from the inspection outlet. If there is no ______, the outboard motor should be _______.

water; water; turned off


After filling a built-in fuel tank, hatches should be opened to allow the boat to ventilate because gasoline vapor is _________ than air and can sette in the bilge.



What is an important difference between a two-stroke and four-stroke outboard motor?

Pg 13,18


How are two-stroke outboard motors lubricated?

Pg 13,18


How are four-stroke outboard motors lubricated?

Pg 13,18


What is the purpose of a neoprene sleeve or sheer pin?

is a breakable link to protect an outboard motor if the propeller hits an object


If a neoprene sleeve breaks while underway, what should you do?

Pg 16


Which should be part of the regular inspection before starting an engine?
a) condition of the water pump impeller
b) condition of the holding tank and fittings
c) condition of the float switch in the bilge
d) condition of the fuel line, and any fuel leaks

Pg 16,20,22


What is the proper method of using a safety lanyard to activate the ignition cutoff switch?

Pg 16, 149


What should you do if there is no water flowing from the inspection outlet of your outboard motor?

Pg 17


What is a safety concern when filling a gasoline tank in a boat?

Pg 18,25


What safety precaution should you perform before filling a gasoline tank on your boat?

Pg 18,25


When filling a fuel tank, what should you do to prevent a buildup a static electricity that might cause a spark?

pg 19