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Inboard engines use either ______ or ______ fuel. ______ fuel does not have the fire hazards of ______.

gasoline; diesel; Diesel; gasoline


Before starting a gasoline engine, the engine blower must be turned on for at least _____ minutes.



After starting an inboard engine, it is important to check for _____ flowing out of the exhaust outlet. If there is no _____, immediately _____ the engine.

water; water; turn off


A diesel engine is normally stopped by
a) turning off electricity to the engine
b) engaging the brake on the shaft
c) depriving the engine of fuel
d) depriving the engine of air

depriving the engine of fuel


Jet drives have good steering ability at all speeds except when _____.

slowing down


How long should the engine blower be on before starting a gasoline engine?

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