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When must immediate notification be made of a boating accident?

if a person dies or is lost during an accident


How many life jackets are required to be on board a boat?

for everyone on board the boat


Where could you be in danger of poisonous carbon monoxide gas?

near engine exhaust outlets when turned on


When do boats powered by a water jet drive have reduced or no steering?

reducing speed rapidly


When picking up a mooring buoy and there is no current, how should you make your approach?

bow pointing into the wind


What is a required of a federally documented boat?

display hailing port on the stern.


What is the primary purpose of a float plan?

to inform people of your planned arrival in case you need to be rescued by the USCG.


For best performance, which of the following apply to propellers on slow-speed boats?

larger diameter and lower pitch


In North America, what direction does weather generally move?

west to east


When retrieving an anchor, how should you break it free from the bottom?

pulling directly upward on the anchor line


What is the definition of current?

is the horizontal flow of water.


What is the sound signal for a boat under sail in fog?

one prolonged blast and two short blasts every two minutes


Which of the following can be found on the U.S. Coast Guard approval notice on a life jacket?

size for wearer


What is the proper method of using a safety lanyard to activate the ignition cutoff switch?

attach one end to driver and other end to switch.


When are you allowed to waterski under U.S. federal regulations?

sunrise until sunset


If you are firmly aground with no injuries or damage to the boat and the tide is rising, what action plan should you take?

set an anchor and wait for the tide to float the boat off


When rescuing a person in the water (PIW), how should you make your approach?

bow first heading into the wind


What is a distress signal used to indicate a grave and imminent life-threatening danger?

making a VHF Mayday call


How should a fire extinguisher be used to put out a fire?

sweep its discharge across the base of the flames


What is the suggested scope to use when anchoring for a brief stop in a sheltered place during the day?



How long should the engine blower be on before starting a gasoline engine?

four minutes


If a neoprene sleeve breaks while underway, what should you do?

try motoring slowly to safety.


When changing gears, what should you do to avoid possible damage to the engine or transmission?

pause briefly in neutral.


What is a requirement for a boat’s state registration certificate (or certificate of number)?

it must be aboard when the boat is in use.


What should you do if there is no water flowing from the inspection outlet of your outboard motor?

turn off the engine immediately.


If you have anchored your boat, what light(s) are you required to display at night?

an all-round white light


When operating in a channel with adequate water depth outside the channel for your boat, what should you do if you meet a ship?

don’t impede its way, move out of channel


What type of boats are required to carry one Type IV throwable device?

any boat 16 feet or over in length


What is the right side (when looking forward) of a boat called?

starboard side


What weather is associated with a low pressure system?

rain and stronger winds