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1990, US, NASA, ESA worked together to make and launch this

Hubble Space Telescope ✅


Voluntary linkage of computer networks around the world

Internet ✅


Transferring of genes from in living thing to another in order to produce an organism with new traits

Genetic engineering


Creation of identical copies of DNA

Cloning ✅


Attempt to in erase available food sources worldwide

Green revolution


Nations with the industrialization, transportation, and business facilities for advanced production of manufactured goods

Developed nations


Nations in the process of becoming industrialized

Developing nations


Includes all the financial interactions among people, businesses, and governments that cross international borders

Global economy


Companies that operate in a number of different countries AKA (transnational corporations)

Multinational Corporations ✅


The elimination of trade barriers such as tariffs among nations

Free trade ✅


1991 conflict in which the UN forces defeated Iraqi forces that had invaded Kuwait and threatened to invade Saudi Arabia

Gulf War ✅


Our main projection against the suns damaging ultraviolet rays

Ozone layer ✅


Involves two goals: meeting current economic needs, while ensuring the preservation of the environment and the conservation of resources for future generations

Sustainable development


Pact where nations both with and without nuclear power pledged to prevent the spread of weapons to other nations

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty


Spread of nuclear weapons



The use of force or threats to frighten people or governments to change policies

Terrorism ✅


Strict belief in the basic truths and practice of a particular faith

Fundamentalism ✅


1948, to set human rights standards for all nations, the UN drew up and ratified this

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Grassroots effort by African Americans to fight discrimination and to make sure all citizens received their rights guaranteed by the constitution

Civil rights movement


Involves music, sports, movies, Clothing fashion, foods, hobbies, and leisure activities

Popular culture


The western mindset of placing a high value on acquiring material possession



Level of acceptance of ideas from another culture

Accommodation ✅


In what way have science and technology changes the lives of people today? ✅

Science has developed safer medical procedures that allow surgeons to operate on sensitive areas, and create advances in medical imaging. The computer and the internet were invented, and allowed people to expand knowledge and communication.


What was the goal of the green revolution?✅

attempt to increase available food sources worldwide with the promotion of fertilizers, pesticides, and high-yield, disease-resistant strains of a variety of crops.


Explain the difference between a developed nation and a developing nation.✅

A developed nation is a nation with all the facilities needed for advanced production of manufactured goods, and a developing nation is a nation where the process of industrialization is not complete.


Who are the "Four Tigers," and what is (significant about their development as major trading nations?)

The Four Tigers are South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Their development in trading led to the area with Japan, china, Malaysia, and the Pacific Rim becoming a key area of world trade.


What methods has the world community used to resolve conflicts since World War 11?

They formed the UN, which has more than 180 nations, which helps resolve conflict with skilled mediators. Also, the UN sends soldiers in to prevent new fighting and encourage a cease-fire. Nations signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


How have religious and ethnic conflicts threatened global security?

Middle East, Northern Ireland, former Yugoslavia


Describe worldwide efforts to guarantee basic human rights.✅

The UN created as ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In America, the Civil Rights Movement was created to fight discrimination of the African Americans. Women fought for more rights and equal treatment, and attempted to change laws and policies.


Which technologies have had the most powerful impact on cultural sharing?✅

Television and mass media share culture in a powerfully way. Many people have a TV and are able to view the content put out about the many cultures. Newscasts and documentaries speed up the amount of time info spreads. Mass media is popular, which means that it spreads the information to a large amount of people.
Tv mass media


What explains why Western influences have had a major impact all over the world?

Western ideas largely dominate mass media. Things like music, TV, and sports broadcast spread ideas that lead to mixing of cultures. Things spread include clothes, food, entertainment, and the idea of materialism. Mass media