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Acrylic (methacrylate) nail enhancements are created by combing monomer liquid with:

A. monomer powder
B. polymer powder
C. liquid powder
D. molecular powder

polymer powder


Nail enhancements sculptured with the use of polymer powder are called:

A. monomer nails
B. protective nails
C. synthetic nails
D. acrylic nails

acrylic nail


Brushes recommended for the application of acrylic (methacrylate) product are:

A. natural hair
B. nylon bristles
C. mixed hair
D. plastic bristles

natural hair


When applying product, the brush is immersed into monomer and the tip of the brush is:

A. dragged across the surface of the dry polymer powder
B. pushed gently into the dry polymer powder
C. immersed into the dry polymer powder
D. touched to the surface of the dry polymer powder

touched to the surface of the dry polymer powder


As monomer liquid absorbs a polymer powder,the product formed at the tip of the brush is referred to as a:

A. monomer bead
B. bead of product
C. chemical reaction
D. molded product

bead of product


Polymer powder is made using a special chemical reaction called:

A. polychain
B. monomer chains
C. polymerization
D. methacrylate chains



In the process of creating acrylic (methacrylate) nails, trillions of monomers are linked together to create:

A. additives
B. long chains
C. dry chemicals
D. long absorptions

long chains


Additives are responsible for the product durability and color stability of the product, and they ensure:

A. complete cure or set
B. complete beads
C. proper procedure
D. proper disposal

complete cure or set


additives used to control the set or curing time in monomer liquids are called:

A. accelerators and adhesives
B. controllers and resins
C. catalysts and initiators
D. adhesives and catalysts

catalysts and initiators


Initiators in polymer powder cause monomer molecules to permanently link together and form:

A. short monomer chains
B. long polymer chains
C. long polymer forms
D. short chain reactions

long polymer chains


The initiator added to polymer powder is:

A. hydrogen peroxide
B. catalyst peroxide
C. sodium hydroxide
D. benzoyl peroxide

benzoyl peroxide


To ensure the proper curing when using nail enhancement products:

A. use a variety of products
B. intermix products as necessary
C. mix manufacturer as necessary
D. do not mix manufacturer product lines

do not mix manufacturer product lines


Acrylic (methacrylate) overlays and nail enhancements can be created using one color powder if the client wears:

A. clear polish all the time
B. nail polish all the time
C. semiliquid nail polish
D. natural colors all the time

nail polish all the time


The amount of monomer liquid an polymer powder used to create a bead is called the:

A. dry bead
B. liquid bead
C. powder ratio
D. mix ratio

mix ratio


If the consistency of a bead contains too little powder, the enhancement may not:

A. file easily
B. balance easily
C. cure correctly
D. polish easily

cure correctly


Surface moisture and oil on the natural nail plate can be removed with nail antiseptic or:

A. nail dehydrators
B. corrosive agents
C. heavy primers
D. nail hydrators

nail dehydrators


The use of acid-based ail primers may result in:

A. skin burns or injury
B. lifting of skin
C. skin rejuvenation
D. better adhesion

skin burns or injury


Acrylic (methacrylate) nail enhancements reach their ultimate strength in:

A. 24 to 48 hours
B. 5 to 10 hours
C. 30 to 45 minutes
D. 12 to 15 hours

24 to 48 hours


Nail adhesives used to secure nail tis to natural nails are all baed on:

A. catalyst monomers
B. cyanoacrylate polymers
C. acetone inhibitors
D. cyanoacrylate monomers

cyanoacrylate monomers


To prevent product contamination, a dappen dish should have:

A. a loosely fitted lid
B. a tightly fitted lid
C. a large opening
D. an evaporation lid

a tightly fitted lid


the shelf life of nail adhesives can be as short as:

A. 1 year
B. 8 months
C. 6 months
D. 2 years

6 months


Unused monomer poured back into the original container will cause product:

A. spilling
B. sensitivity
C. customizing
D. contamination



The type of glove recommended for nail salon services is:

A. nylon polymer
B. hard plastic
C. latex polymer
D. nitrile polymer

nitrile polymer


The area that should not cut when applying multiuse nail forms is the:

A. nail fold
B. hyponychium
C. cuticle fold
D. nail root



The bead of product for shaping the free edge should haave a:

A. wet consistency
B. balanced consistency
C. medium consistency
D. large consistency

medium consistency


The time required for a product to properly clean brushes is determined by:

A. the technician
B. the client
C. the manufacturers directions
D. necessity

the manufacturers directions


When placing the second ball of acrylic on the free edge, use a medium consistency and place on the nail plate below the first bead and:

A. next to the side all edge line and on the right side of the nail
B. next to the free edge line within 1/8 inch if the ail
C. next to the free edge line in the center of the ail
D. on the nail plate within 1/8 inch of the cuticle area

next to the free edge line in the center of the nail


For natural looking nails, the product application must be smooth and thin at the:

A. eponychium, free edge and base
B. free edge and side walls
C. side walls, free edge and eponychium
D. side walls, base and free edge

side walls, free edge and eponychium


In rebalancing acrylic (methacrylate) nail enhancements, the nail is thinned down and reduced in thickness and:

A. the nail will be reduced in width
B. the apex of the nail will be removed
C. the nail will be filed
D. the nail will be refinished

the apex of the nail will be removed


The area between the existing acrylic product and new growth of the nail plate is the:

A. thinned area
B. balance area
C. nail unit
D. ledge