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Joint-stock company

A business formed by a group of people who jointly make an investment and share in profits and losses


Cash crop

Crops grown in large quantities to earn money
(Ex: tobacco, indigo, cotton)


Staple crop

A crop that is always needed, such as food products
(Ex: corn, wheat, barley)


Bacon's Rebellion

Nathaniel Bacon rebelled (and won) against the government because he thought that taxes were too high, and he didn't like how friendly they were being with the Indians. He tried to take the Indians land with any trade or money. He and his followers attacked and burned down Jamestown.


House of Burgesses

Assembly House in Virginia. Members were elected by colonists. Took place in 1619.


Indentured servant

A colonist who received free passage to the New World in exchange for 5-7 years of unpaid labor. After time was up, they were free


Mayflower Compact

A document written and signed on the ship the Mayflower. Was written to establish good and fair laws for Massachusetts. Charter for Virginia blown when miscalculated and landed in New England



A plant used to make blue/purple dye. It was sold to make money (cash crop)


John Smith

Helped found the Jamestown colony, was a military leader, made colonists work harder and build better. Took total control, built fort around Jamestown, disciplined colonists



Helped the relations between Powhatans and English, Powhatan leaders daughter (princess), married John Rolfe


Sir George Calvert (Lord Baltimore)

Asked for a charter for a new colony, founded Maryland as a safe haven for Catholics, wanted a place of tolerance.



Was captured by English, fished on English ships, got to America, helped pilgrims with native farming and harvesting, helped establish relations in Wampanoag, feast later known as Thanksgiving


Roger Williams

Minister that established Providence because he believed in separation between church and state


William Penn

A Quaker that founded Pennsylvania because he wanted somewhere accepting. He gave up some power and shared with some others. He received this land because the king had debt to Penn's father


James Oglethorpe

Founded Georgia for people in debaters prison as a buffer between Spanish controlled Florida and the Carolinas


Triangle Trade

Trading networks between England, American colonies, the Caribbean, and Africa. England controlled the whole trade. (Ex: sugar, rum, molasses, manufactured goods, slaves, livestock, iron)


The great awakening

A religious movement that became widespread in American colonies in the 1730s and 1740s. Politics were talked about between people that would have never met if this hadn't happened



The age of Reason; movement that began in Europe in the 1700s as people began examining the natural world. They started to use science as explanations


Economic base by region

South- cash crops from large plantations with slave labor
New England- trade, fishing, and shipbuilding
Middle- staple crops, trade, and manufacturing